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Licensing and Regulation of Domestic Workers Recruitment Offices

  • Are there any requirements for the temporary employment of domestic workers?

    A number of requirements must be met, including:

    1. Domestic labor recruitment offices must be licensed in accordance with the provisions of the law and it’s implementing regulations.
    2. Domestic workers who are employed on a temporary basis shall reside at the work site specified by the beneficiary unless otherwise agreed upon between the agency and the beneficiary.
    3. Agreement Contracts must be concluded by recruitment offices and beneficiaries according to forms prepared by the Ministry, and copies must be provided to domestic workers according to the Ministry's procedures
  • What is the timeframe for the recruitment agency to refund the employer the amounts specified in the executive regulations if the worker returns to the office or reports to have stopped working?

    No later than two weeks after the worker returns to the domestic labor recruitment office, or two weeks from the date he or she is reported absent from work.

  • Are there any circumstances in which the recruitment agency is required to reimburse the employer for the paid recruitment fees?

    1. If the domestic worker demonstrates incompetence and poor conduct during the probationary period
    2. If the domestic worker terminates the contract or abandons employment for reasons other than those stipulated in Article (10) herein.
    3. If the employer terminates the contract due to non-compliance with the initial agreement or the contract between the employer and the recruitment office.
  • What are the obligations of Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies towards employers?

    Under the executive regulations, Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies are required to fulfill the following obligations towards employers:

    1. Enter into a contract with the employer or beneficiary that specifies the obligations related to the recruitment and employment of the domestic worker, in accordance with the Ministry's approved form.
    2. Recruitment of the domestic worker in accordance with the Initial Agreement.
  • What are the responsibilities of Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies towards the Ministry?

    As specified in the executive regulations, Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies have the following obligations towards the Ministry:

    1. Be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all information acquired through the course of his activities, and refrain from disclosing such information without prior approval from the Ministry.
    2. Maintain compliance with the fee schedule set by the Ministry for domestic workers' recruitment offices in return for the services they provide to the employer or beneficiary, and refrain from collecting any additional fees.
    3. Ensure compliance with government service fees set by the Council of Ministers, and refrain from collecting any additional fees
    4. Provide all services associated with domestic workers, including those outlined in the Ministry's service packages at the Ministry's approved rates.
    5. Ensure that the systems and programs specified by the Ministry are used.
    6. The employment contracts concluded must be in accordance with the Ministry's approved forms.
    7. Maintain records in accordance with the Ministry's requirements.
    8. Establish a database in accordance with the Ministry's models and standards, containing all information about the employers with whom the office has been in contact, their addresses, and the types of domestic workers they have recruited. The database must be maintained for a period of no less than 10 years.
    9. The office may not make its workers available for recruitment by an employer whose file has been suspended in the Ministry's system, except in the case of temporary employment subject to the Ministry’s approval.
  • What are the obligations of Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies toward Foreign Recruitment Agencies?

    Under the executive regulations, Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies are required to fulfill the following obligations towards foreign recruitment agencies:

    1. Observe the requirements and controls contained in the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry and the country in which the agency is located, and provide the Ministry with information on the number and details of domestic workers assigned to the office.
    2. Enter into an initial agreement with recruitment agencies abroad that describes the requirements, specifications, and qualifications for domestic workers as well as the responsibilities and duties of the employer.
    3. Ban dealing with any recruitment agency, office or person, or any unlicensed entity outside the country. The Ministry may, for whatever reasons it deems appropriate, prevent an office from dealing with recruitment agencies or entities outside of the country.
  • Is there a requirement for certain certificates in certain professions?

    It is necessary for domestic workers to obtain an academic certification or an official certificate from a governmental agency in professions that require specialization, such as nursing and driving.

  • What are the obligations of Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies before bringing the Domestic Worker to the country?

    As outlined in the executive regulations, Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies are required to comply with the following obligations:

    1. Ensure that the domestic worker undergoes the necessary medical examination.
    2. Ensure that the domestic worker is aware of all the qualifications and experience requirements of the employer.
    3. A certificate of experience must be available in the profession required, such as nursing and driving.
    4. Get the domestic worker to review the job offer that conforms to the employment contract to be concluded between the worker and the employer, and get his / her signature on the document.
    5. Provide the Ministry with a certificate stating that the domestic worker does not have a criminal record and is of good conduct in the cases specified.
    6. Provide evidence that the office operates in coordination with officially accredited agencies in the country where domestic workers are recruited.
    7. Assert that the office is directly responsible for the payment of any commissions associated with the arrival of the worker and the completion of the employment contract, and that this will not be charged to the worker.
  • In the event that the activities of mediation and temporary operation are combined, does each activity require a separate license?

    Yes, a separate license for each activity is required if the activities of mediation and temporary operation are to be combined.

  • Can the activities of mediation and temporary employment of domestic workers be combined?

    The combination of the activities of mediating the recruitment and temporary employment of domestic workers was permitted by the executive regulations.

  • What are the licensing requirements for Domestic Labor Recruitment Agencies?

    The requirements for obtaining a license to operate a Domestic Labor Recruitment business are as follows:

    1. Neither a sole proprietor nor any partner in a legal person may be found guilty of an offense against honour, breach of trust, human trafficking, or one of the crimes defined by the decree law, unless the individual has been rehabilitated, if he has been imprisoned, or after one year has passed if he has been fined.
    2. Legal persons and sole proprietorships are required to provide a bank guarantee of not less than AED 500,000 (five hundred thousand dirhams) during the term of the license, which shall be automatically renewed or replaced by an insurance scheme in accordance with the producers set by the Ministry. Depending on the risk factor, the Ministry may request an increase in the bank guarantee value. If the recruitment agency fails to fulfill its obligations, fails to comply with the instructions and the decision issued thereunder, or fails to pay any fines imposed, the Ministry may allocate a portion of the guarantee or insurance for the purposes of resolving any arrears or payments due to the Ministry, the employer, or domestic worker. The recruitment agency must, in any event, complete the guarantee amount within 30 days of the shortage occurring.
    3. Applicants must submit credit reports reflecting their financial standing, regardless of whether they are individuals, institutions, or partners in legal entities, provided that the credit report is issued by a competent authority.
    4. When combining the activities of mediating labor recruitment with temporary employment of domestic workers, separate licenses must be obtained in accordance with the conditions, requirements, and fees applicable to each activity.
  • What is the definition of a Recruitment Office?

    A licensed office to practice the activity of mediation to recruit workers, in response to employers requests, or by means of temporary employment of workers according to the provisions of Federal Law No. 10 of 2017 concerning domestic workers.

  • What is the activity of recruitment offices (mediation and temporary employment)?

    Mediation for the Recruitment of Domestic Workers

    The activities of employment agencies include mediation to bring the two parties or their representatives together to negotiate the terms of the employment contract with the aim of establishing an employment relationship without the agency becoming a party.

    Temporary Employment of Domestic Workers

    This activity means employing a worker with the intention of placing him at the disposal of a third party (the Beneficiary) to perform tasks and duties subject to the provisions of the law, whereby the performance of work shall be under the supervision and management of the beneficiary.

  • Are there any additional services provided by recruitment agencies?

    Typing Services

    A license issued by the Departments of Economic Development shall include typing services for domestic workers transactions when the activity (typing services) is included in the license, and you will receive a letter confirming the said service.

    • Using the Ministry's electronic system for typing, receiving, and sending applications.
    • Provide domestic workers in accordance with the employer's requirements.
    • Additional services (medical examination, identification card, airport pickup, delivery to employer’s office)
    • Offer customers guidance in regards to the nationalities and professions available for domestic worker recruitment.
    • Provide a pre-interview service for the worker before joining work.
    • Train and prepare the worker for work
    • Provide accommodation for categories of domestic workers
  • To obtain a license for a domestic workers recruitment agency, what conditions must the applicant meet?

    • The Applicant must be 21 years of age
    • Must have full legal capacity
    • Must be of good conduct and character
    • The Applicant therefor may not be an employee of the Ministry in relevant operational sectors or a first or second degree relative of such employee, including husband and wife provided that the legal representative of the legal person submits a written acknowledgment thereof.
  • How do domestic workers recruitment agencies get a license? What are the requirements and documents required?

    • The applicant must provide the Ministry with a bank guarantee with a value not less than AED500,000/- throughout the period of validity of the permit. The bank guarantee must be automatically renewed during the period of validity of the permit.
    • A Credit report of the applicant issued by a competent authority (Al Etihad Credit Bureau)
    • Domestic Workers Recruitment agencies must submit a pledge to provide quality services to customers.
    • Passport copy
    • EID copy
    • Certificate of Good Conduct / Police Clearance Certificate valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
    • Statement of Account (Bank Statement) for the last 6 months.
    • Property Report (real estate) issued by an official authority
    • Fill out the application form of the recruitment agency license

    Site terms and requirements (premises)

    • An office with a clearly defined address for practicing recruitment business
    • A suitable area to include (Reception - Service Delivery counters - Mediation Services and Temporary Employment desks- Labor training office - Labor waiting room - Cashier)
    • Photographs of the site from inside and outside
    • Lease agreement specifying the area of the property, including a No Objection Certificate from the landlord
    • Site Map
  • Before operating a Recruitment Agency, is it necessary to provide accommodation for domestic workers?

    The recruitment agency is required to provide accommodation for domestic workers before operating the office.

  • What are the requirements for opening branches for domestic workers recruitment agency?

    The office may open branches in the same emirate where it is licensed to operate, or in any other emirate in accordance with the following requirements:

    • Adhere to all requirements and conditions of the license and licensee stated in the license requirements and documents.
    • Observe the requirements of local licensing authorities
    • Approval of the Ministry following evaluation and review of the bank guarantee or insurance amount in relation to the size of the recruitment activity, and the amount of a bank guarantee may be determined separately for each branch of the recruitment office.
  • In order for the Ministry to operate its recruitment office, what are the procedures and the necessary period that must be observed by the license holder after the license approval?

    Within three months of the license approval, the licensee must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Complete the commercial license process and notify the Ministry accordingly.
    • Provide the Ministry with a copy of the office/site Lease Agreement.
    • Obtain an establishment card from the Federal Authority for Citizenship and Identity.
    • Obtain an establishment card from the MOHRE
    • Request E-dirham device from Commercial Bank of Dubai
    • Ensure compliance with the specifications of the external board and submit a photograph of it to the Ministry for approval
    • Complete the decoration and technical works in the center within 3 months
    • Issue the electronic bank guarantee, and submit the original copy of the “Letter of Guarantee” to the administration.
    • Appointment of a UAE-national manager
    • Appointing a customer happiness consultant for "citizens"
    • Send a copy of the domestic worker’s accommodation lease contract and register the accommodation in MOHRE labor housing system.
  • What are the obligations of recruitment agencies towards the Ministry?

    • It is mandatory that employment contracts be drafted in accordance with the forms and rates prepared by the Ministry, and if any obligations are omitted from the contract, the office will be liable for the consequences.
    • Maintain absolute confidentiality regarding all data and information obtained during the course of its activities, and refrain from using, publishing, or disclosing it to third parties without the Ministry’s approval.
    • The licensee is required to provide the Ministry with the following data and information:
    • Details of all his employees in the Ministry's system and relevant systems
    • Detailed information regarding all contracts concluded at the center according to the approved models and rates.
    • Maintain a record of all contracts and transactions with customers in the electronic systems approved by the Ministry.
    • Ensure that the Ministry receives details of association contracts with supply offices and a description of recruitment costs based on the nationality and gender of the hired worker.
    • Comply with government service fees determined by the Council of Ministers.
    • No additional charges are to be collected for providing government services to customers.
    • Provide all domestic workers services and packages defined by the Ministry.
    • Workers may not be provided to employers whose files are suspended in the Ministry's system, except for temporary employment approved by the Ministry.
    • Comply with all terms of the Service Level Agreement concluded with the Ministry in order to achieve the highest quality of service.
    • In order for a recruitment office to obtain a license from the Ministry, it must register in the Ministry’s electronic system for recruitment offices and adhere to all the prescribed conditions and procedures.
  • What are the obligations of recruitment offices towards recruitment agencies (outside the country)?

    • Comply with the conditions and controls contained in the Memorandum Of Understanding signed by the Ministry with the sending states, and to inform the Ministry of the work orders assigned to the office.
    • The office may not interacting with any individual, or with any entity, both within and outside the country, for the purposes of conducting the licensed business, unless it is licensed to carry out the work in accordance with the applicable legislations in the sending state or in the UAE.
    • Despite having a legal license to operate, the Ministry may prohibit the office from dealing with a person or entity for any reason it deems appropriate.
  • What are the requirements for renewing the licensing of domestic workers recruitment offices?

    • Annual license renewal shall be completed after the payment of the prescribed fee, provided that all license requirements are met.
    • Application for renewal must be submitted two months prior to the expiry date of the license.
    • Following the review of all renewal requirements, the Ministry shall approve the renewal application.
  • What is the validity period of the license?

    One year.

  • Is there a fee associated with obtaining a new license or renewing a license?

    The license includes two activities for the recruitment of domestic workers (mediation and temporary employment), and the approval includes both activities.

    The fee for a domestic recruitment office licensing is DHs. 75,000, which includes the fees for the following activities:

    • Mediation activity for domestic workers DHs. 25,000
    • Temporary Employment activity DHs. 50,000

    The fee for renewing the license of recruitment offices is DHs. 37,500, which includes the fees for the following activities:

    • Renewal of mediation agencies license is DHs. 12,500
    • Renewal of temporary employment agencies license is DHs.25,000
  • What is the penalty for not renewing the license?

    Submit the application and the required documents through the following e-mail (domestic.workers@mohre.gov.ae).

  • What is the penalty for not renewing the license?

    An office whose license has expired and has not been renewed within 30 days or more is considered to be practicing the activity without a license, and fines prescribed by law will apply.

  • What are the circumstances in which the Ministry may suspend or revoke the licensing of the recruitment office?

    The Minister may revoke the license of an office or temporarily suspend it, in any of the following cases:

    • Failure to meet any of the conditions upon which his license is issued, including submitted pledges and statements or if the Office fails to adhere to the new decisions issued by the Ministry.
    • If any of the documents or data submitted for licensing purposes are found to be false.
    • If the Office violates the provisions of this Resolution, the regulations and instructions pertaining thereto, or related legislation applicable in the Ministry.
    • If the Office commits any act involving some form of forced labor or human trafficking.
  • What are the obligations of the licensee towards the Ministry when the license is cancelled?

    • Notify the Ministry at least 90 days before the cancellation date
    • The licensee must pledge to fulfill all obligations arising from the license, provided that the description of the pledge expresses that the Ministry reserves the right to deduct the amount of the bank guarantee in the event of non-payment of the licensee's obligations from the bank guarantee without the licensee objecting to this action.
    • A statement explaining how the licensee will settle his obligations and rights after the cancellation of the license.
    • A statement indicating the number of contracts concluded and visas granted, however the required manpower was not recruited.
    • A statement indicating the number of employees and the office's obligations towards them in the wake of the cancellation.
    • Any documents required by the Ministry.
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