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The strategy of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation was based and formulated on the UAE Vision 2021. Through its initiatives, the Ministry has sought to achieve the government’s strategic goals giving priority to increasing efficiency, flexibility, and productivity in the business market conforming to international standards and conventions in the field of work and labour organization.

Our strategic plan aims at qualifying and preparing the UAE business market through enabling national efficiencies to work in the private sector. We aim to establish a comprehensive system for protecting labour rights, while safeguarding employers’ interests; by providing excellent services in order to make the UAE one of the best destinations in the world for living and doing business. Moreover, we aim to strengthen security and maintain stability in the country that includes the social structure of many cultures and nationalities, so that the UAE remains a safe haven for international investments and companies.


Our Vision

Competitive labour market that enables Emiratis and attracts global talents.


Our Mission

Regulate the labour market; increase its flexibility, productivity and competitiveness; enhance ease of doing business; empower Emiratis; attract and retain global talents; promote safety at workplace as well as partnership, innovation and institutional excellence.


Our Values

  1. We maintain professionalism
  2. Integrity
  3. Excellence and competitiveness
  4. Positive Citizenship
  5. Carry out social responsibility


Strategic Objectives

  1. Enhance labour market competency and ease of doing business to increase stakeholders’ productivity in priority economic sectors
  2. Enhance competitiveness and flexibility of the labour market, its attractiveness to Emiratis and global talents in strategic sectors
  3. Ensure workers’ wellbeing by providing a safe, flexible and attractive work environment and an effective governance system
  4. Attract and empower talents, provide efficient and effective services and digital infrastructure
  5. Promote flexible, proactive and innovative practices within the system


Main Objectives

  1. Ensure protection of the rights of all parties
  2. Regulate labour market relations



  • To propose federal laws that regulate business and labour affairs and controlling implementation of such proposals
  • Managing the business market and proposing labour policies appropriate for the country
  • Organization of labour relations with the aim of providing stability, increasing productivity and creating job opportunities
  • Participation in the formation of the economic and social policy at the national level
  • Providing excellent services to satisfy users’ needs according to applicable rules and regulations
  • Catering for the organization and supporting labour relations at the international and Arab levels
  • Supporting and encouraging the work of nationals in providing job opportunities for them

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