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National program for field and summer training ( Wajehni)

The “Wajehni” program is a smart platform to enable national students to obtain field and summer training opportunities with the private sector, through browsing various training opportunities. The “Wajehni” platform is a quality communication link between students, educational institutions and private establishments, in order to help students get appropriate training and summer work opportunities.

Target group:

  • Secondary and university students
  • Private sector Institutions
  • Educational institutions, including schools and universities

Objectives and advantages:

  • Promoting a work culture
    • See professional values and work ethics in the private sector
    • Encourage students to form a culture of field and summer training as a means to achieve career success
    • Learn about the different professions and career paths and advantages of working in the private sector
  • Qualification and training
    • Develop skills and gain professional experience
    • Gain applied practices
    • Contribute in guiding students to choosing majors in line with their preferences and self-abilities
  • Empowerment
    • Provide access to vocational training opportunities in the private sector
    • Empower students by facilitating the search for training opportunities
    • Provide tools to enhance the efforts of career counselors in schools and universities


Providing field and summer training opportunities for the targeted groups

Steps to provide the service:

Private sector establishments registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and Free Zones can benefit from the program to attract a larger segment of students to apply for the available opportunities through four steps, which are:

  • Create a company account
  • Company registration by adding its data from the settings menu
  • List opportunities by following the steps presented through the home menu
  • See the data of students applying for opportunities and communicate directly with them, and complete the steps of the student selection on the system


  • University and high school students only
  • Private sector establishments registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, and Free Zones

Service request channels:

To visit the website or upload the app please click on the link below: Website:

For inquiries: