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First: Amending the establishment's classification in the establishment classification system:

  • Member establishments will be upgraded to first class for Platinum members; second class A for Gold members; and first class for Silver members in Tawteen Partners Club

Second: Red Carpet services to all classes:

Priority in the transactions described below:

  1. Inspection estimate of the work of the establishment.
  2. Completion of transactions.
  3. Answer the call without waiting on line when you call the call center.
  4. Queuing system (QS) in the customers happiness centers of MOHRE.
  5. Technical support.
  6. Five free awareness workshops on labour law and ministerial decisions.
  7. Account managers for the company.
  8. Legal advisor ( Inquiry or complaint ).
  9. Free delivery services to complete transactions 4 times a year.
  10. Tawteen Club portal in MOHRE website with access of establishment details And to know the status of membership inthe club and its details and the percentage of savings in theservices fees of the Ministry.
  11. Emiratisation Consultation.