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Complaint system has 2 main stages:

Pre-registering of workers Complaints:

  • The solicitor (a national employee or organization) shall contact the Call Center of MOHRE. The operator shall answer the inquiries or handle the complaint. In case he fails, the caller will be forwarded to the Department of Complaint and Advise to process the complaint or answer the inquiry.
  • If successfully handled, the complaint shall be closed before recording it. However, if the person in charge thinks a complaint should be filed, he shall guide the solicitor to the process of filing a complaint.

Post-registering of workers Complaints:

  • The solicitor (a national employee or organization) can submit a complaint through the Tasheel Centers or the smart services, provided the solicitor had contacted the Call Center of MOHRE and his complaint couldnt be resolved.
  • Once the complaint is recorded, an SMS is sent to the solicitr with the complaint number.
  • The responsible employee will pick the complaint from the Complaint Box on the MOHRE system and follow it up by communicating with the solicitor, hear his claim, and try to solve it by calling the other party over phone. If the complaint is solved, it is closed off the system due to settlement.
  • If not settled over the phone, an SMS is sent with a date to attend to the MOHRE headquarters to discuss the grievance.
  • In the presence of both parties on time, the responsible employee investigates the complaint, and tries to reach a friendly settlement. If solved, the complaint is closed off the MOHRE system due to settlement.
  • If the reconciliation fails, the grievance is referred to the court of jurisdiction, giving it a number on the MOHRE system, in coordination with the Department of Work Relations, the competent body of considering the work disputes.