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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation posts its tenders and practices regularly in the “Suppliers Registration” of the Ministry of Finance, which includes all federal ministries of the United Arab Emirates. Here, suppliers can access and participate in these tenders by joining this system.

Suppliers Registration details:

Suppliers Registration

  1. Advantages of joining the suppliers registration:
    1. Joining enables you to deal with all federal ministries in the UAE through access to all tenders issued by the ministries
    2. It enables buying brochures tenders directly online
    3. It also enables access to price applications of federal ministries and input prices according to each item and link with any catalog of the presented offer
    4. It also shows approved practices and tenders, and it cancels or modifies practices and tenders that did not end its publication date
    5. It allows modifying the data of the company or institution
  2. Steps for joining the Suppliers Registration:
    1. Join the Suppliers Registration electronically via the official website of the Ministry of Finance on the following link: website
    2. Download an electronic copy of all documents required
    3. Pay set fees, noting that federal agencies are exempted from paying the registration fees in the case of compliance with registration requirements
    4. After completing the registration process, supplier and contractor can provide quotes and compete in all tenders or practices posed by the federal government
  3. Companies allowed to join the Suppliers Registration:
    • Local commercial companies with 51% of the capital or higher and registered companies in the Ministry of Economy, municipalities and Chambers of commerce in the country
    • Branches of foreign private companies in the free zones located within the boundaries of the country as well as outside the free time zone
    • Foreign companies of countries that signed on the Free Trade Agreements with the UAE according to the ministerial resolution (278) in 2009
    • Branches of computer software companies, offices and technical consulting firms, financial and administrative etc, through branches located within the borders of the UAE and registered in the Ministry of Economy according to the decision of the Minister of Economy No. (278) in 2009
    • Governmental institutions and sectors are exempted from paying fees for the purchase of the tender documents
  4. Attachments Required for Registration:
    1. Municipal License  
    2. Chamber of Commerce License
    3. Registration certificate in the Commercial Register
    4. Adoption certificate of signing the partnership contract
    5. Bond of renewal or register fees
    6. International Bank account number (IBAN CODE)
    7. Company P.O.Box and e-mail  
    8. Pay fee of 1,000 AED for new registry and 500 AED to renew the registration through the electronic dirham card (when you buy an e-Dirham card with a specific sum in the banks, you should request the PIN CODE).  
  5. The criteria for evaluating suppliers:
    • Response speed (On specified time, Ahead of time, Delay)
    • Quality (Product acceptance / full service, Product acceptance / partly service, Product refusal / full service)
    • Price (Acceptable,None, Unsatisfactory)

Tenders and Practices

To see and participate in all tenders issued by the Ministry of Labor and the federal ministries, please visit the link

To contact Ministry of funance

For more information about the Suppliers Registration, contact the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation via:

  • Mrs. Afra'a Al-Hosni – Tel/Dir:  02/6987522
  • Mr. Ahmad Sulaiman – Tel/Dir:  02/6987606
  • Or visit the website

Suggestions and Complaints are sent through the electronic “My Gateway”, the UAE federal feedback gateway.

To contact Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

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Suppliers Technical Support link