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Developing the government work system and building on successful experiences, by identifying the best government practices in the field of service development, is a major factor in supporting the process of construction and development. It contributes to designing plans and initiatives that help the authorities develop their work and improve their performance results to achieve the strategic objectives of the UAE Vision 2021.

MOHRE is working on benchmarking for the best practices applied in global labour markets such as Switzerland, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Denmark, to learn about the pioneering and outstanding experiences in the field of labour market management, developing services, exchanging experiences, sharing work mechanisms and successful practices as well as ways to benefit from them in promoting a culture of excellence and quality performance. Benchmarking will be employed in developing work to serve the quality of services provided to customers. This comes in line with the goals and future directions of the UAE government and contributes to enhancing the country’s position and reputation regionally and globally.

Within the framework of MoHRE’s partnership with service centers that are managed by the private sector, the Ministry is keen to provide systems that support the operations of these centers and set standards to provide the finest services to customers, whether they are employers, employees in the private sector, or families hiring domestic helpers or domestic helpers themselves, as well as Senior Citizens and People of Determination (people with disabilities).

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