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TAWJEEH centers are licensed by the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation (MoHRE) to provide the governmental services. They operate under the supervision and management of the ministry and in line with its regulations. The centers act within a unified visual identity and managed by national cadres.

The centers aim to provide orientation and raise awareness of Labor Law among employers and employees to ensure a smooth flow of business in labor market. The centers educate targeted audience on business relationships and the relevant ministerial regulations and enhance communication between employers and employees on one hand, and the ministry on the other for better delivery of essential knowledge.

The centers provide services involving work contracts, certificates, and permits issuing and delivery. The centers also familiarize target audience with the UAE society.

TAWJEEH centers represent the partnership between MoHRE and the private sector to provide high standard services aiming to guarantee the happiness an satisfaction of target audience.

The targeted customer categories of the services offered by the center are:

  • Employers
  • Employees

The services that are offered by the center for customer entail:

  • Providing orientation to and raising awareness of employers.
  • Providing orientation to and raising awareness of employees.
  • Providing work contracts and work permits delivery services.
  • Providing work certificates issuing services.
  • Promoting fliers and publications to raise awareness among employers and employees.

The geographic coverage of the center includes:

Available in all Emirates of UAE and in areas intensive with employees.

Working hours:

Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

The number of languages with guiding materials offered at the Center are:

15 languages