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An overview:

The Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation strives to provide creative and advanced services to its audience aiming to enhance positive experiences of customer and to contribute to the vision of the Centennial Plan 2071 which forms a clear map for the long-term government work to fortify the country's reputation and its soft power.

TAW-SEEL is one of the services created to offer customers a package of the MoHRE services in a convenient manner through a fully equipped fleet of vehicles with the latest smart technologies.

TAW-SEEL represents the partnership between the MoHRE and the private sector. The service is managed by qualified national cadres and monitored by the ministry. It is a new generation delivery service utilizing latest technologies and aspiring to offer the best creative delivery services like the international "Uber".

National cadres and integrated service

TAW-SEEL effectively contributes to create new job opportunities by promoting the culture of self-employment among national human resources and encouraging them to be involved in the private sector avenues. Additionally, the service is in line with the UAE objectives and programs to facilitate both the practice of business and the provision of different services and attract investments through the close collaboration between different concerned entities .

Fully equipped fleet of vehicles with latest technologies

The procedures to benefit from TAW-SEEL service comprises 4 easy and fast steps which are applied through the smart application or the direct contact with the call center. The vehicle of TAW-SEEL responds immediately according to the time and location decided by the customer. The process is monitored by the "happiness employee" to ensure smoothness of the service. TAW-SEEL vehicle are connected with the ministry to guarantee a fast service, particularly in remote areas.

Targeted groups of the vehicle services:

  • Customers of MoHRE
  • Employers
  • Government relations officers
  • Individuals

Instant evaluation of services quality

The MoHRE has set high standards to guarantee the quality provided by TAW-SEEL in the form of tablet devices in the vehicles to invite the customer to evaluate the quality of the service and give feedback. Additionally, the "Service Quality Evaluation System" allows the customer to evaluate the service after the encounter, through three main areas: the provided service, the vehicle, and the service provider. The evaluations are directly processed by the ministry smart application available on Apple Store and Google Play.

"Services provided by TAW-SEEL"

  • The vehicles of TAW-SEEL provide a wide range of the MoHRE services. It is a flexible option for customers offered at their convenience.

The geographic range:

  • It is planned for TAW-SEEL vehicles to be available across all Emirates of the UAE according to several phases starting from December 2018 until the last quarter of 2019. Hundreds of fully equipped vehicles are to provide fast and convenient services of MoHRE to customers.

Working hours and days:

TAW-SEEL vehicles are available from Saturday to Thursday (8:00 AM to 8:00 PM) and customers can decide time of service to their convenience.

TAW-SEEL service channels

Customers are able to use TAW-SEEL service through the smart TAW-SEEL application available on Apple Store and Google Play. The application was developed according to the latest international technology standards. The customer is enabled to select the needed service at the convenient time and location, track the vehicle, and get notifications, text messages and e-mails announcing its arrival. The service is also available through the call center number (8008585) and the customers follow set steps to get a vehicle at the time and location of their convenience.