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Virtual Reality (VR)

MOHRE application for entrepreneurship in virtual reality: The application is one of the innovative systems developed by MOHRE through its local human cadres to enhance the state’s vision to be one of the best countries in the world by enabling the application of the state’s strategy for artificial intelligence (relying on artificial intelligence to boost government performance and create a new and promising labour market and investing all energies). In addition, it aims to support the smart government strategy, which aims to link smart services, enhance the quality of services, increase usage rates, and increase levels of satisfaction with smart services. The design combines innovation in the use of technology and offering the best user experience, taking into account the simplicity of browsing and design, and the flow and interdependence of services for the customer to ensure consistency of the experience and positive impact on the customer.

The system is available on IOS, Android, and Samsung devices. It is an innovative system based on virtual reality that contributes to displaying employer data and information in an innovative, smart way. The system allows the business owner to move to futuristic virtual reality to view the data of their business and its workforce according to the specified preference.

The application contributes to enabling (employers/heads of families) to establish and manage their businesses quickly and efficiently. The application features a “smart dashboard in virtual reality”, which contributes to displaying statistics related to business (such as the distribution of the workforce by gender, age...) instead of coming to service centres to print a statement of information. This feature contributed to avoiding fines incurred by establishments and their workforces.

The smart application also enabled employers/heads of families to view their documents and the documents of their workforce, which were previously uploaded to the system, through the "smart virtual file" feature.

The application contributes to increasing the investment opportunity in the country by informing employers/investors of open data that includes a statistical description of the distribution of establishments and manpower in the labour market and classifications of the labour force according to skill level, through the “virtual smart business information” feature.

The application also provided the "Smart Wage Protection Indicator" feature, which allows employers to see the extent to which their establishments are committed to transferring wages to their workers. At the same time, it enabled strategic partners to view statistics on the extent of the commitment of private sector establishments to transferring wages to the workforce, which is one of the most important indicators of the stability of the labour market.

The application also provides a "3D interactive map" feature that enables all users to identify the locations and addresses of service centres and the average waiting time in each centre using virtual reality.

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