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Providing domestic workers services to customers

Demonstrating its pioneering model of providing services in partnership between both the government and private sectors, the ministry issued Resolution No. 762 establishing and licensing domestic worker service centers and launched TADBEER service centers to meet customers' needs and provide the best experience according to an approved plan. To this effect, the ministry prepared a guide for licensing the centers together with standards for granting domestic worker permits, an operations manual, bilingual guidelines and a technical specifications manual. It also formed a committee to evaluate the centers' licensing applications and paid field visits to the sites proposed by investors to ensure that they could do the job.

The centers provide services to customers in 4 packages that are commensurate with their needs and the ministry aspires to increase the number of centers to cover all the UAE.

The ministry used the TAS'HEEL system efficiently to provide 8 domestic worker services including the issuance and renewal of permits. It also set up a plan to ensure the provision of high-quality services by training the centers' supervisors in how to provide the service and developing the TAS'HEEL electronic system so as to receive applications. Additionally, the ministry introduced advanced and integrated technologies such as the 'Dash Board' system to monitor service operations and track any system failures instantly in co-ordination with the Ministry of Interior and service centers.

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