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Memorandums of understanding and international agreements

Taking part in regulating labor relations at the international level, the ministry developed policies for recruiting labor, implemented long-term wage policies through memorandums of understanding with labor-exporting countries and framed its relation with partners by developing memorandums of understanding and agreements. These included:

  • Identifying the offices that were licensed abroad to recruit domestic workers.
  • Concluding agreements with TADBEER centers and international agreements in the field of labor rights and workers' welfare.
  • Activating 'Abu Dhabi Dialogue' agreement.
  • Activating the agreement of labor-exporting countries concluded with Pakistan.

The ministry activated bilateral labor relations at the international level through memorandums of understanding and joint projects with labor-exporting countries to serve its strategic objectives of improving the efficiency of labor market and enhancing labor protection. It focused on the labor-exporting countries for both types of labor: private sector employees and domestic workers such as the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Bangladesh. It also opened alternative sources of labor such as the agreement concluded with Tajikistan. The ministry is committed to the procedure guide for concluding international treaties, agreements and memorandums of understanding as approved by the Cabinet's Resolution (73/5/1) for 2011. It also developed a form for expediting the conclusion of memorandums of understanding with labor-exporting countries.

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