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Digitising Services

Digital transformation is an instrumental means for prosperity and growth nowadays. The UAE has made great strides in this broad field in all its institutions and governments. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has been innovative in offering its services in diverse ways to ensure the best customer experience. It has kept pace with the current era of development and digitisation by transforming a number of its services to facilitate the delivery of services through the latest methods such as applications and electronic platforms.

With great efforts, MOHRE has digitised its services approved by the Prime Minister's Office. These services are provided through smart apps and e-platforms. MOHRE also offered these services in service centres to provide full flexibility and freedom of choice for customers. A large number of customers complete transactions via digital services. We can conclude that a large segment of customers turned to smart digital services due to transactions’ easy completion which affirms the success of MOHRE in the digital transformation experience of a number of its services.

The impact of digital transformation on society and the customer:

  • Facilitating the transaction procedures for the customer
  • Completing the services in the least time and cost for the customer
  • Saving the time and effort of the customer, as there is no need for the customer to be present at the service centre
  • Building an advanced knowledge society
  • Cultivating technological culture in society and the importance of information wealth

The impact of digital transformation on the employee:

  • Boosting employee performance
  • Empowering the employee in the technical field
  • Allowing the employee to develop and acquire new skills
  • Reducing work pressure on the employee
  • Increasing accuracy of employee performance
  • Facilitating procedures and operations for the employee

MOHRE has developed its services by reviewing the best global and local practices in the field of digital transformation. It formed a team of digital transformation pioneers headed by the Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector, and the membership of the Director of the Information Technology Department, the Director of the Strategy and Future Department, the Director of the Labour Market Information Department, the Director of the Government Communication Department, the Director of the Customer Relations Department, as well as members of the various concerned departments. The team reviewed the practices and submitted reports and suggestions for service development. In addition to the customer's feedback, which is the most vital factor in developing the service, MOHRE conducted several focus groups with customers to study the customer's journey in obtaining its services. The UX lab was one of the tools that contributed to obtaining customers' feedback accurately and practically about using MOHRE's application and website. In addition, their feedback is taken through the electronic consultations that are presented on the Sharek platform

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