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    Labour Sector – Labour Offices

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    Sub Service

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Temporary/ Part-time work permit issuance

  • FAQ

  • Service Description

    It is a service provided by the Ministry to recruit a national or expatriate worker residing in the UAE to carry out a certain work within a period not exceeding 6 months

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    1. Applications shall be printed at the service centers ""Tas'heel"" or through establishments participating in the Ministry's e-forms program.
    2. The application will be transferred electronically to the Ministry and fulfilling the conditions contained herein shall be checked and verified
    3. If there is something missing, the customer shall be notified thereof to complete them through the service center "Tas'heel"
    4. In case of fulfilling the conditions and documents, the customer can print the approval notice by visiting the Ministry's website
  • Required Documents

    1. A copy of both establishments' trade licenses (the current establishment and the application applying establishment)
    2. A color photograph with a white background of the worker
    3. A copy of the worker's passport
    4. If academic qualification is required (post-secondary diploma, university degree or equivalent), a copy thereof which should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall be attached
    5. A letter of approval issued by the competent authority shall be attached if so required (doctor, pharmacist, nurse, and teacher)
    6. A copy of the contract
    7. No objection certificate from the old sponsor
    8. A copy of the worker's visa that includes (the sponsor or establishment name) that is valid for more than 6 month
  • Terms And Conditions

    1. Workers registered in the Ministry, under following conditions:
      • The permit and residency visa shall be valid for more than 6 month
      • The permit's period shall not exceed 6 month or the current permit expiry date, whichever is earlier.
      • Approval of those authorized signatory of the current and applying establishments shall be submitted.
    2. workers not registered at the Ministry:
      • Government employees
      • Students of both genders (from the age of 18 years) who are under the sponsorship of their relatives, schools, or universities. In condition that the visa profession is (student)
      • Females (from the age of 18 years) who are under the sponsorship of their relatives
      • Husbands of national females
      • Children of national females
      • Under the following condition:
      • The worker and his/her non-national relatives shall have a valid residence visa stamped in the passport
      • The guardian approval
      • This permit shall be valid for six months
      • Submitting approval of the profession related authority (Ministry of Affairs – Ministry of Health – Ministry of Education – Sports, Youth, Community Development Authority)
    3. Other cases:
    4. The Ministry may approve to grant a temporary work permit, without satisfying the condition related to the former employer's approval and the validity of the card and residence visa, in the following cases:
      • A labour complaint that is referred by the Ministry to a court of law
      • If it is confirmed that the employer failed to pay wages for a period exceeding two months according to the wages protection office report or the labour relation offices report
    5. General conditions for the above:
      • The applying establishment trade license should be valid
      • The new labour profession should be suitable with the establishment activity
      • The labour should not be below 18 years old
  • Timing

  • Payment

    1. Request for initial approval of a new electronic work permit (Part-time) • 1st Category: AED 100 • 2nd Category: Level (A) AED 100 – Level (B) AED 100 – Level (C) AED 100 • 3rd Category: AED 100
    2. Initial approval of a new electronic work permit (Part-time) 6 month period • 1st Category: AED 500 • 2nd Category: Level (A) AED 500 – Level (B) AED 500 – Level (C) AED 500 • 3rd Category: AED 500

  • Service Limitation


  • Working Hours

    Service centers "Tas'heel"

    From Saturday till Thursday
    From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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