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Submission of Comments, Complaints And Inquires

  • FAQ

  • Service Description

    Respond to customer’s complaints, comments, and inquiries regarding Ministry services and initiatives through the approved channels.

  • Target Audience

    All customers

  • Service Procedures

    1. Submit your application through one of the channels of service delivery.
    2. The Ministry will review the application
    3. The Ministry will process the request, provide the solution, and respond directly to the customer
    4. The application will be closed
  • Required Documents

    According to the type of application.

  • Terms And Conditions

    Comments will only be considered if they are submitted by the concerned individual.

  • Timing

  • Payment

  • Notes:

    Customers may access the Customer’s voice system by visiting the Ministry's website, contacting the call center at: 600590000, e-mail address: ask@mohre.gov.ae or by visiting https://twasoul.mohre.gov.ae/

    The Customers may inquire about the status of their application by contacting:

    Customers will also receive automated notifications via SMS and e-mail regarding the progress of their applications.

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