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    Labour Sector

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Renewal of Recruitment/Temporary Employment and Mediation Agency License

  • FAQ

  • Service Description

    Renewing Recruitment/Temporary Employment and Mediation Agencies license

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    1. Log in with your username and password or use UAE Pass
    2. Submit an application through one of the service delivery channels.
    3. Check that requirements and supporting documents are met for verification and approval
    4. Shortfalls will be reported to the establishment for completion
    5. Upon compliance with all conditions and documents, the application will be approved, and issuance of the license certificate, and the customer will be notified of the approval to complete the payment process
    6. Payment of Federal fees, and bank guarantee or insurance according to the type of activity chosen when issuing the approval
  • Required Documents

    1. A copy of the trade license.
    2. A valid Police Clearance certificate
  • Terms And Conditions

    • The Applicant Sole Proprietorship or any of its partners in the legal person cannot be employed by the Ministry or a second-degree relative, either a husband or wife, provided a written acknowledgement of the same is provided by the legal representative of the legal person.
    • The applicant must have a clearly identifiable address solely for the purposes of conducting business with the exception of the case in which the Ministry permits the license applicant to conduct his recruitment activity electronically.
    • Legal representatives of legal persons must submit a written statement indicating their knowledge and acceptance of the legal regulations governing the practice of agency.
    • The license applicant, whether he is a person in a sole proprietorship or a partner in a legal person, should not be an owner or partner in an establishment in which one of the reasons for cessation of the establishments was provided as a result of violating the provisions of the Law Regulating Labor Relationships, its implementing regulations, or the decisions issued in implementation of them.
    • The decree-law prohibits sole proprietorship owners or partners from being convicted of crimes against honour, breach of trust, human trafficking, or any other criminal offense outlined therein, unless they have been rehabilitated in the case of a prison sentence or after the lapse of one year if a fine has been imposed.
    • In order to maintain their licenses, recruitment/temporary employment agencies are required to submit a bank guarantee of at least AED 1,000,000 (One million dirhams) during the period of validity or if the two activities are combined. Mediation Agencies are required to submit a guarantee of at AED 300,000 (three hundred thousand dirhams). Alternatively, an insurance scheme could be introduced instead of the bank guarantee.
    • Changes or amendments to the license details may not be made without a written approval from the Ministry
    • The agency must not have restrictions or fines and not be suspended.
    • Any other conditions imposed by a ministerial decision
  • Timing

  • Payment

    Federal Fees:

    • Renewal fees for a Mediation Agency license or its branch: 12,500 dirhams
    • Renewal fees for a Temporary Employment Agency or its branch : 25,000 dirhams
    • Renewal fees for Temporary Employment and Mediation Agency's license combining both activities: 37,500 dirhams
    • Except for federal charges, the service is free of charge via MOHRE's website and smart app

    *Please note that the fees shown above do not include tax and collection charges.

  • Relation of service with other service

    Economic Departments - Federal Authority for Identity, Residence and Ports Security

  • Notes:

    The customer will be notified once the request has been completed. Applicants can follow up on their applications by visiting

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