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Register labor complaints - Private Sector Employees

  • FAQ

  • Service Description

    Employers and employees can use this service to register their labor claims in the event that one of the parties breaches their contractual obligations

  • Target Audience

    Employers / Employees

  • Service Procedures

    1. Submit an application using one of the service delivery channels by entering the employee's personal information (passport number - name, date of birth, nationality). Employers are required to enter the establishment or license number - It is mandatory for all categories to provide the ID card number
    2. Once the applicant has entered the necessary information, is sent a text message or email containing the OTP in order to confirm the applicant's capacity, except for requests submitted via the smart application.
    3. The competent employee shall examine the complaint and take appropriate action by contacting the Complainant and the Respondent after consulting with the competent legal advisor, this done based on the information provided in the complaint, in order to resolve the dispute amicably, and if this cannot be achieved, a meeting will be scheduled, and the parties will receive a text message containing the date of the complaint
    4. if attempts to reach an amicable settlement do not succeed and the value of the claim is not more than AED 50,000, and executive decree is issued by the ministry's legal researcher and is carried out by the court. In case the claim exceeds AED 50,000, an SMS is sent to both parties to attend an appointment.
    5. The outcome of the complaint will be communicated to the customer via text messages.
  • Required Documents

    Documents supporting the claims in question, if any (a letter of resignation or dismissal)

  • Terms And Conditions

    • The employee must be registered in the Ministry's database
    • It is not possible for the same employee to have a pending complaint or a dispute brought to court unless the employment relationship is ongoing or if the employee wishes to cancel the work permit.
  • Timing

  • Payment


  • Relation of service with other service

    Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security

  • Notes:

    The customer will be notified once the request has been completed. Applicants can follow up on their applications by visiting MOHRE inquiry services at:

  • Download Form File Name : Form-Register labor complaints - Private Sector Employees.pdf File size : 6.3 MB File Type : PDF

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