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Issuance of a New Work Permit - Overseas

  • FAQ

  • Service Description

    A service provided by the Ministry to establishments wishing to recruit or employ a worker from outside the country.

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    1. Log in with your username and password or use UAE Pass. (for online/ smart channels only)
    2. Submit an application through one of the service delivery channels.
    3. The application will be referred to the Ministry for verification of compliance with the requirements and documents.
    4. Shortfalls will be reported to the establishment for completion
    5. Upon completion of all requirements and documents, permits will be issued.
    6. Payment of Federal fees, bank guarantee or insurance upon approval. A copy of the employee's signed job offer must be attached.
  • Required Documents

    1. Clear colored photo with a white background
    2. Passport copy with a validity period of at least six months.
    3. The official job offer form issued by the Ministry, signed by both the employer and employee.
    4. Academic Certificates: A clear certificate bearing the name of the employee, Skill levels (1 & 2) Bachelor Degree or higher is required. Skill Levels (3 & 4) Diploma graduate or higher is required. Skill Level (5) High School Certificate is required. There is no requirement for a certificate for skill levels 6 to 9. Workers who earn less than AED 4000 per month or who do not possess a degree are not considered skilled.
    5. Professional license issued by the competent authority, example: doctor, nurse, etc. (professional license issued by the Ministry of Health - Department of Health)/ Teacher, teacher assistant (Ministry of Education - Knowledge Authority(Dubai)- Abu Dhabi Education Council- Sharjah Education Council) Fitness Trainer (Youth and Sports Authority)/ Advocate (Ministry of Justice).
    6. Workers from the following nationalities (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran) need to provide a legible and clear copy of both sides of their national ID cards issued by their home countries, and make sure it is valid
  • Terms And Conditions

    • The establishment must have an electronic quota available
    • The Employee must be 18 years of age or older
    • An employee in a specialized profession or any other profession that requires a license must meet the requirements stipulated in the applicable legislation.
    • The establishment must maintain a valid license without any registered violations, resulting in suspension of its operations in accordance with applicable laws.
    • The Work Permit application must be submitted by the authorized signatory of the establishment
    • Candidate for employment may not possess an active work permit.
    • Replacement of the work permit and change of nationality are permissible, while the profession and gender (male or female) remain unchanged within six months of the date of issuance up to two times, under the condition that the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security cancels the entry permit for the replaced worker

    Note: The new employer must comply with the provisions stipulated in Paragraphs 3 and 4 of Article No. (9) of Federal Decree-Law No. (33) of 2021 concerning the regulation of labor relations.

  • Timing

  • Payment

    Federal Fees

    - Work Permit Application:

    • Category (1),(2),(3): 50

    - Issuance of work permit for two years:

    • Category (1): 250
    • Category (2): 1200
    • Category (3): 3450

    The commission for Business Centers is capped at 72 dirhams per service provided as part of the permit package (which includes printing job offer, employment contracts, and permit applications

    Except for federal fees, the service is free of charge via MOHRE's website and smart app.

    *Please note that the fees shown above do not include tax and collection charges.

  • Relation of service with other service

    Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security

  • Notes:

    The customer will be notified once the request has been completed. Applicants can follow up on their applications by visiting


    Permit Duration:

    Two Years


    Type of Employment Contracts:

    Full Time / Part Time / Temporary Work / Flexible Work / Remote Work / Job Sharing

  • Download Form File Name : Form-Issuance of a New Work Permit - Overseas.pdf File size : 8.3 MB File Type : PDF

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