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Issue new work permit

  • FAQ

  • Service Description

    A service provided by the Ministry to obtain a work permit and work contract for a worker according to one of the approved word patterns.

  • Target Audience

    All customers (citizens - residents - visitors)

  • Service Procedures

    1. Register/sign in to the system using your username and password or by UAE PASS via The Link
    2. Apply for the service of issuing a new work permit
    3. Attach the required documents
    4. Refer the application electronically to the Department of Electronic Services to verify the transaction and ensure that the conditions and documents are met.
      1. In case of missing documents, the facility is notified of the deficiencies to be completed.
      2. If the conditions and documents are met, the application will be approved.
    5. Send the electronic work permit to the relevant authorities for other approvals
    6. Approval of the work permit from other relevant authorities
    7. Notifying the customer of the approval of the work permit and sending a link to the payment process for the service of issuing a new work permit
    8. Complete the payment process to issue a new work permit and attach the job offer

    General Notes:

    If the customer wishes to follow up on the application, he/she can access the inquiry services from The ministry’s website or the smart application.

  • Required Documents

    1. E-signature card: the original.
    2. A personal photo of the worker: clear with a white background.
    3. Passport copy: valid for more than 6 months.
    4. The ID card is required for the following nationalities (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran), to ensure that the identity is valid and that all data is clear and photocopied from both sides.
    5. Academic certificate for the academic qualification must be clear and bear the name of the worker and contain the attestation of the Attestation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    6. Practicing the profession: professions in the medical, educational, sports, or legal sectors.
    7. No objection letter according to the type of work permit related to the type of work.
  • Terms And Conditions

    • The status of the establishment must be private.
    • The establishment must have an approved electronic work share.
    • The establishment must have an electronic signature card.
    • The work permit must comply with the approved work contract forms and conditions per the work patterns set for that.
  • Timing

  • Payment

    • Federal fees according to the category of the establishment and the skill level of the worker.
    • Subject to amendment in case of updating the fee decision: Typing fees – AED 83.

  • Relation of service with other service

    Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality – Customs and Ports Security

  • Working Hours



    The service can be smart and level of transformation Yes – 100%
    Obligation to obtain the service Optional
    Dealing with a Typing Center Optional
    Service Channels Businessmen services facilities/website/application/call centre: all for professional levels.

  • Download Form File Name : Issue new work permit.pdf File size : 8.3 MB File Type : PDF

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