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    Labour Sector

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Issuance /rrenewal work contract

  • FAQ

    How long is the validity of work permit to applying for a business card and work contract?
    60 days

    What is the amount of fine owed by the employer in the event that he fails to submit the application for more than sixty days after the worker enters the state?
    AED 100 for each month of delay

    What is the amount of fine owed by the employer in the event that he fails to applying for issuing an important contract for more than thirty days from the worker's entry into the state?
    AED 100 per month delay

  • Service Description

    It is a service provided by the Ministry to the establishment that wishes to obtain a new work contract for the worker, and the contract period is two years

  • Target Audience


  • Service Procedures

    Electronic Forms

    1. Login to smart Tasheel System by providing valid credentials
    2. Select service group ‘Issue labour contract’
    3. Enter Company Number and Work Permit Number.
    4. Enter Visa Reference Number and Entry Date.
    5. Add Passport Details
    6. Add Attachments
    7. Pay due fees
    8. Print Receipt

    Service Centers

    1. The application and the signin contract shall be signed by the parties (the employee and the employer) . The required documents shall be scanned in Tasheel service centers or through the subscribed establishments in the electronic forms program
    2. You must check and ensur that the conditions are met
    3. The electronic work contract shall also be printed through the website or subscription to a service or communication or view it through the smart application
  • Required Documents

    Contract signed by the parties (the worker and the employer)

  • Terms And Conditions

    Applying for the issuance of a contract of employment shall be  within sixty days from the date of the entry into  the State. In the case of a contract of employment for its purpose, it shall be submitted within thirty days of the entry in to the State

  • Timing

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