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Sunday, February 09, 2020

MOHRE Over 200 new full-time and part-time job opportunities are provided

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has announced that around 330 male and female Emiratis are currently working in the private sector under the remote work system. They perform their job tasks near their places of residence through the remote work centers provided by the MOHRE in Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Khorfakkan.

The remote work system is an innovative initiative implemented by the MOHRE with the aim of creating job opportunities for national human resources, particularly female Emiratis seeking jobs in areas far from cities. This enables them to find a balance between job tasks and family requirements and spares them the hassle of going and coming to and from companies, particularly major ones, which are based in cities.

Fatima Farhan, Director of Recruitment Department at MOHRE, stressed the importance of the remote work system for reducing operational costs for private sector companies, given that the MOHRE provides logistical support and services related to equipping remote work centers at the MOHRE’s customer happiness centers across the UAE. A special hall is allocated to companies and their respective brands and offices are provided to employees working as per the remote work system, she said.

Farhan underlined the system’s role in motivating male and female Emiratis to work in the private sector, either on a part-time or full-time basis, considering that an attractive work environment that conformed to the family conditions was provided, particularly for female Emirati job seekers.

She affirmed that the remote work system ensures that male and female Emiratis working on a full-time or part-time basis enjoy all the rights and privileges stipulated in the law on employer-employee relations and its executive decisions, particularly in terms of annual leaves, registration in the pension and social security fund and health insurance coverage.

She commended companies’ interaction with the remote work system, which would develop the partnership between the MOHRE and the private sector. She also praised the performance of male and female Emiratis, who are currently working in the private sector based on this system.

200 new jobs

“The MOHRE has recently signed 10 memoranda of understanding (MoH) with private companies and establishments, under which more than 200 new full-time and part-time job opportunities have been provided in a number of regions across the UAE,” Farhan announced.

The new job opportunities target those holding a high school certificate and a bachelor’s degree, particularly those who are fluent in the English language and computer, she said, adding that the jobs have to do with such fields as accounting, data entry, marketing, customer service, sales and others.

“Based on the MoUs, the MOHRE would give the names of job seekers registered with it in the Tawteen Gate whose qualifications correspond to the job requirements, while the concerned companies and establishments would conduct job interviews with the candidates and hence appoint those who pass these job interviews,” she said.

The MoUs were signed with the UAE Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange, Dhabi Contracting LLC, G4S, Al Jaber Transport & General Contracting, Sharjah General Contracting Company, Al Fardan Exchange, Al Masaood Company, Takaful Emarat and Desert Group.

Female Emiratis commend remote work system

In this connection, a number of female Emiratis working on the remote work system said they were happy about getting jobs based on this system, which provided them with many privileges that would motivate them to continue in their jobs and perform the tasks assigned to them most efficiently.

Ateeqa Bkheitan Mofreh, a female Emirati, said she performs her job duties in the call center of a private company through an MOHRE-affiliated remote work center.

The remote work system provided her with a job close to her place of residence, she added, noting that the company gave her the opportunity of joining a four-month training course, during which she trained in the requirements of the job that she currently performs most efficiently.

Female Emirati Salama Saeed Al Habsi said she works part time for an exchange company, which enables her and her colleagues, particularly mothers, to be committed to the job tasks and at the same time meet the requirements of children and the family in an ideal way, adding that this gives them a great feeling of psychological comfort.

The company she is working for provided her with various training and job qualification opportunities, she said, adding that she was trained in customer service programs and other training programs that enabled her to carry out the job tasks as required.

Fatima Al Balushi, an Emirati female employee, praised the remote work initiative, because it provides an attractive work environment for female Emiratis residing in remote areas and enables them to reconcile the requirements of both their families and their work at the same time.

She also praised the work environment inside the remote work center, which motivated her to excel in performing the job tasks assigned to her.

Khadija Salem, another female Emirati, said she was happy about the job she got, particularly that the remote work center was close to her place of residence, noting that during the training period she had good opportunities to learn and understand the job requirements and tasks.


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