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Wednesday, December 09, 2020

MoHRE and HCT showcase package of training, qualification and entrepreneurship programs for Emiratis at Sheikh Zayed Festival

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) is showcasing a package of programs and initiatives aimed at training and qualifying Emiratis and guiding them professionally through its pavilion at Sheikh Zayed Festival, which is witnessing the participation of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT).

The participation of the MoHRE and the HCT in the festival comes as part of their keenness to play their social role and familiarize the visitors of the festival with their services, projects and initiatives.

The pavilion throws light on the professional counseling programs aimed to support and empower job seekers as well as high school and university students to work in the private sector by providing counseling services. Through these services, various counseling materials and tools are used to familiarize these job seekers and students with their own abilities and professional inclinations and enable them to make the optimal choice for appropriate occupations in the labor market.

It also highlights the ‘National Self Employment Platform’, which enables Emiratis above 21 years to complete the services requested by government and private entities such as translation, website designing, photography etc. for a fee that an Emirati gets for the service he provides via

On its platform, the MoHRE is showcasing the training system and the 'Wajihni' program for field and summer training, which is a smart platform to enable Emirati students to obtain field and summer training opportunities in the private sector by searching and finding various training opportunities. The ‘Wajihni’ platform is a qualitative communication link between students, educational institutions and private establishments aimed at helping students obtain appropriate training opportunities and summer work.

The MoHRE is also showcasing the ‘Absher Program’, which provides exclusive offers and privileges to the Emiratis working in the private sector, and the ‘National Training Portal’, which provides Emiratis with a wide range of training programs and specialized diplomas in line with the private sector job requirements in the labor market in co-operation and co-ordination between the MoHRE and the HCT.

In addition, the MoHRE is showcasing the ‘Tawteen TALKS’ initiative through visual communication technology. The initiative is an interactive platform aimed at empowering the youth and students and familiarizing them with the importance of working in the private sector, the requirements of the labor market, future skills, entrepreneurship, self-employment, career planning in the economic sectors and Emiratisation-targeted professions. The Tawteen Portal, which is a smart electronic platform based on the best practices, is also showcased.

The MoHRE also provides in its platform the services of Tasheel and Tadbeer, in which all the services related to domestic workers are offered.

Meanwhile, the HCT is showcasing successful models for emerging companies within the creative economic free zones in the HCT, which are concerned with achieving their strategic goal of graduating businesses and entrepreneurs. The HCT also offers specialized training and interactive workshops on entrepreneurship and how to build ideas and develop them into economically feasible products and services as start-ups that support the youth in building their future.

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