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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

‘Guidance Portfolio’ launched to enhance professional counselors’ role in guiding students to work in private sector

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), in co-operation with the Ministry of Education (MoE), launched a ‘Guidance Portfolio’ initiative to enhance the role of professional counselors working in educational institutions in guiding students on how to plan their career paths in the private sector and the skills required in the labor market.

The launch comes as part of the MoHRE’s plan to underscore the importance for national human resources to work in the private sector and familiarize them with the privileges of working in private establishments and companies, Widad Al Shamlan, Director of the Career Guidance Department, said.

This comes in implementation of the Emiratisation goals towards empowering Emirati young men and students and providing them with the job expertise as required in the labor market in line with the UAE Vision 2021, she added.

She pointed out that targeting professional counselors in educational institutions in partnership and co-ordination with the strategic partner, MoE, aimed at reaching the largest segment of university and high school students, noting that the MoHRE communicated so far with 16 public and private universities across the UAE.

Al Shamlan explained that the portfolio incorporated guidance workshops for around 315 professional counselors from universities and schools at various institutions across the UAE, adding that these counselors participated in three interactive virtual workshops, during which they were familiarized with the government agenda related to the importance and advantages of working in the private sector and the future skills.  The counselors were also familiarized with the initiatives and programs implemented by the MoHRE to provide employment and training opportunities as well as guidance programs and success stories in the private sector.

The workshops also highlighted the benefits of working in the private sector, how to search for a job and what are the principles and requirements of work, she said, adding that they also highlighted the role of parents in the career path of their children and familiarized the professional counselors with the needs and requirements of the labor market.

A set of brochures and video clips is used to explain the merits of working in the private sector, how to prepare for a job interview, advantages of field training and role of parents in the professional future of their children, she said. Through these brochures and video clips, the counselors will be familiarized with field and summer training through the smart app (Wajihni) and other themes that will enable counselors to motivate and encourage students to work in the private sector and plan their career paths.

Meanwhile, Amal Al Jasmi, Director of Academic and Professional Counseling Department, affirmed that the MoE is seeking to keep its students abreast with the labor market’s trends through a range of initiatives in co-operation with many establishments from the public and private sectors. This is aimed at fulfilling the MoE’s vision derived from the aspirations of the UAE wise leadership for the coming years, she added.The MoE is keen to provide all forms of career guidance for students to identify their preferences and direct their energies to the majors and programs that meet their aspirations and achieve the UAE’s plans and vision, she said.

The next stages of the ‘Guidance Portfolio’ initiative are scheduled to include programs aimed at strengthening the strategic partnership with government and private educational institutions at the school and university levels. These programs are designed to ensure access to a wider segment of professional counselors to provide career guidance, guide students and familiarize them with the requirements of the labor market in general and the private sector in particular.The programs will also target parents, who are among the most important segments that support this orientation.

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