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Sunday, April 04, 2021

Human Resources and Emiratisation” begins applying the new operating model for its services

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced the beginning of implementing its new operating model within the framework of achieving government directions for services delivery, which was based on the developmental outputs of work and business continuity models that were implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ministry called on customers to enjoy the advantages of the new operating model, which is based on the smart and electronic service channels, the call center, and the delivery service provided by the ministry to complete the service easily and accurately per the highest standards of data protection and security. It is also proactive in providing and completing services in a manner that makes it easy for the customers to obtain the services at the time and place convenient for them.

The ministry’s smart digital channels, via the website and the smart application, allow customers to access services according to easy and safe mechanisms that meet their needs in all their categories through the most used languages ​​in the labor market (Arabic, English, Urdu, and French.)

The smart application, available in the Google Play and Apple Store stores, is integrated with government services to ensure that transactions are completed with the click of a button and in an integrated application, especially with the availability of the “smart payment” feature through the federal electronic payment gateway.

The ministry's website provides services according to the latest international standards and relevant practices. It combines distinct design and innovative technology to provide the best user experience, considering the simplicity of browsing, flow, and interconnectedness of services and the ease of delivery around the clock.

Through the call center on the toll-free number 80060, MoHRE also provides its services through a set of languages most used in the labor market. The center provides integrated information and procedural services to customers in addition to providing technical support to them. It allows communicating with the ministry by more than one channel, including phone, e-mail, or live chat. The ministry is working to increase the number of procedural services provided through this channel according to studied stages that consider the needs and requirements of customers.

‘Tawseel’ service provides a fleet of vehicles to provide quick and excellent services at the location specified by the customer who wishes to use the service. The service is from eight in the morning until eight in the evening from Saturday to Thursday, through the smart application ‘Tawseel’ in the Apple Store and Google Play stores, or by calling 8008585 with no additional fees are charged for requesting the ‘Tawseel’ service. The customer pays only the prescribed fees for the service that is performed. The delivery service is the best option for senior citizens and people of determination to get the ministry's services easily. The ministry is working to establish a partnership with the Ministry of Community Development.

The technologies used in the innovative smart and electronic channels are in line with the government's direction towards providing outstanding paperless government services, which has a positive impact on saving time and preserving environmental resources. The new operating model also proactively reaches the customer without the services requiring his presence.

The Ministry stated that with the readiness of its innovative smart and digital channels according to the new operating model system for the completion of customer services, the reception of customers in its customer happiness centers has been stopped, especially since all the centers' services have been completely transferred to the smart and electronic channels available 24/7.

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