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Monday, September 30, 2019

1,400 higher education students take part in the “Tawteen 360” in Abu Dhabi

The 4th edition of the “Tawteen 360 Student Forum” for 2019 opened today Monday at the Abu Dhabi Convention Center with the participation of 1,400 students from higher education institutions.

Sponsored by the Education and Human Resources Council and organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the private sector, the forum runs until Wednesday.
Ahmed Al Nasser, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation for the Development of National Human Resources, said that the organization of the “Tawteen 360 Student Forum” comes within the framework of the “National Program for Vocational Guidance“ implemented by the Ministry to educate secondary and higher education Emirati students about the importance of working in the private sector.
He explained that the 3-day forum activities focus on highlighting the vital capabilities and advantages provided by companies and institutions of the private sector, in addition to mentoring students professionally and equipping them with the skills and job requirements required to work in this sector.
Al Nasser added that the forum serves as an interactive platform for the private sector companies to offer training and qualification opportunities, develop existing skills and educate the national students about the needs of the labor market of the current and future professions and skills. It also enables targeted audience to take the right decision in choosing their career and on demand specializations in the job market for the private sector based on real data.
He pointed out that the 4th edition of the “Tawteen Student Forum 360” features new activities and programs, including workshops for academic advisors, professionals and parents as well as live shows for some sessions in the “Tawteen station TALKS” on the social media channels of the ministry. The station has been created to preview the services provided by the Ministry to support Emiratisation practices in the private sector as well as interactive activities at the Future Station.
The first day of the forum saw seven awareness sessions and 20 training workshops delivered by a number of trainers, experts and speakers with the participation of representatives of 27 companies, in addition to a number of UAE speakers to share their success stories and personal experiences working in the private sector.
National students took part in six major stations and tracks: discovery of the abilities and professional tendencies of students station where students will be subject to the assessment of professional tendencies in addition to the professional planning hall to familiarize them with the tools and the most important keys to plan their future career. They also took part in the skills development station, which provides interactive training workshops to hone the skills of students, develop their competencies and prepare them for future jobs with the participation of a group of international companies.
The Tawteen Talks station showcased the most important developments in the labor market and inspiring and successful professional experiences for a group of distinguished success stories and best practices in the private sector. Stations also included the self-employment station, which aimed to spread the culture of self-employment and motivate national cadres to take self-employment as a vital career path through several interactive workshops.
Through Wajhni station, Emirati students were briefed on field and summer training opportunities at a number of large private companies that offered 470 training opportunities during the forum and met with officials of a number of private companies and institutions and were familiarized with the work environment in the private sector.
The students also participated in Future Station, which reviewed future careers, jobs and skills in strategic sectors, as well as the opportunity for students to take part in them through simulation and interactive experiences.
The Forum’s stations included the Emiratisation Services Station, which offered the most important services offered by the Ministry to job seekers such as employment services, as well as the services of the Training and Skills Development Department and the Career Guidance Department.

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