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Thursday, August 29, 2019

MOHRE refers 17 people to public prosecution on charges of fraud and manipulation of electronic system

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) filed reports with the Public Prosecution against 17 people of various nationalities on charges of fraud and manipulation of the ministry's 'Tas’heel' electronic system. The accused issued and renewed work permits in violation of the observed rules and regulations and paid less than the due legal fees for other work permits. The ministry warned that any attempt to manipulate its systems would be detected by its internal control system and would be strictly dealt with.

According to the official records, Mohammed Saqr Al Nuaimi, Assistant Under-Secretary for Support Services Affairs at the ministry, affirmed that eight of the suspects included in the reports were working for companies authorized by the ministry to complete their self-processing transactions.

At the request of their companies, the accused were granted access to the ministry’s electronic system to complete their transactions, he added, noting that the accused abused the power given to them and manipulated the electronic system by submitting transactions for other companies for renewing a number of work permits and consequently less than the due legal fees for the said transactions were collected.

Al Nuaimi pointed out that another seven people, who worked for other companies and were also authorized to access the electronic system, manipulated the system by applying for work permits against lower fees although such fees did not apply to the afore-mentioned permits as the ministry grants this privilege only to companies in which the multicultural ratios of their employees are no less than 50 per cent.

Based on its keenness on facilitating procedures and supporting employers, the MOHRE grants interested companies under certain conditions an electronic program that enables them to complete their transactions through the people nominated by these companies to access the ministry's electronic system, this being the same as that used in Tas'heel service centers.

The ministry's internal control systems revealed that two of the suspects applied for 15 work permits for domestic workers in the names of citizens, Al Nuaimi said, noting that they did so after submitting the required transactions together with letters of authorization attributed to the citizens and bearing false signatures and photocopies of their passports that they had obtained one way or another.

Al Nuaimi affirmed that the ministry would not tolerate anyone attempting to abuse the simplified procedures approved by the ministry to respond to the aspirations of its customers and make them happy. These simplified procedures include the cancellation of the requirement for the employer's original ID card for completing the transactions for issuing work permit for domestic workers, he added, noting that the ministry's step was based on the request of customers who did not wish to hand their own ID cards over to representatives or other people to complete their own transactions. 

He stressed that the internal control system at the ministry is able to detect any cases to circumvent the regulations and identify the people involved immediately.

To complete domestic worker transactions, the MOHRE stipulates the submission of photocopies of the ID card, passport and the last page containing the national number together with an authorization letter from the employer to the person to act on his behalf in applying for the permit. Concurrently, a file will be opened for the employer when submitting a transaction for the first time in which his original ID card data, fingerprint and photo will be kept based on the ministry's keenness on easing procedures, curbing fraud and ensuring smooth completion of transactions.

Al Nuaimi praised the efforts and co-operation of the ministry’s partners and the strong internal control system, which helped detect the 17 defendants and refer them to the public prosecution so that the appropriate action would be taken against them.

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