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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

MOHRE closes 84 offices for violating domestic worker law

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) announced the closure of 84 offices that have violated the Domestic Workers Law nationwide, in cooperation and coordination with the concerned local authorities.

The ministry explained that the closure of the offices is due to them carrying out their activities despite the expiration of the licenses issued to them by the ministry. The Ministry has suspended the procedures for renewing the licenses of domestic worker placement offices whose holders have not brought their conditions into compliance with the provisions of the Domestic Workers Act and its implementing regulations, after giving the owners sufficient time to do so.

The move by the Ministry, together with its partners in the relevant local authorities, is driven by its desire to optimally implement the provisions of the Domestic Workers Act, including limiting negative practices committed by offices that violate its provisions, which were reflected on the rights of those who deal with them, including employers, national and resident families, and domestic workers.

The Ministry warned the owners of the closed offices not to resume their activities, stating that legal action will be taken against these offices, which will involve the Attorney General and impose fines on their owners in accordance with the articles of the law, in implementation of the Cabinet decision on service fees and fines.

The ministry called on employers and national and resident families who wish to use and employ domestic workers to contact the ministry-approved centers to carry out the activity of placing this category of workers. There are 62 centers at the state level that provide services to their clients in accordance with the provisions of the Domestic Workers Act and its implementing regulations, in a manner that guarantees the rights of all parties.

The employment centers approved by the Ministry offer clients an integrated package of services tailored to the needs of employers, families, citizens and residents of the country.

It is worth noting that MOHRE-approved domestic worker recruitment centers are required to provide a two-year domestic worker guarantee, after which the client will be refunded the full recruitment cost or provided with another worker if any of the four cases occur during the first six months of the contract, namely: The probationary period, as these cases include the termination of the contract by the worker without a legitimate reason, leaving the job without an acceptable reason or the worker's lack of health fitness, as well as inability to perform her work duties in the required and agreed manner.

The centers are required to refund a portion of the recruitment costs if two cases occur during the period after recruitment until the end of the contract, which has a duration of two years. Both cases are when the employee terminates the contract after the probationary period without good cause or quits work after the probationary period without good cause. These amounts are calculated according to the remaining contract period in months from the total recruitment costs.

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