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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

MoHRE urges private sector companies to meet H1 2024 Emiratisation targets before 30 June

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has urged private sector companies employing 50 or more workers to meet their half-yearly Emiratisation targets for 2024, which call for a 1% growth in the number of Emiratis working in skilled jobs in these companies, in line with the relevant Cabinet Resolution.

The Ministry has set 30 June 2024 as the final deadline for achieving Emiratisation targets for the first half of 2024 (H1 2024), noting that starting from 1 July, it will monitor companies’ compliance.

The MoHRE commended companies that have already achieved the required targets, stressing the importance of registering UAE citizens in one of the authorised pension funds, as well as in the Wage Protection System (WPS), calling on companies to ensure they maintain the growth they achieved in Emiratisation targets until 30 June.

The Ministry has also called on companies falling short of their Emiratisation targets to benefit from the Nafis platform, which houses data about qualified Emirati nationals seeking employment across various specialisations and who possess the required competencies.

“We urge companies to adhere to Emiratisation targets, which are a top priority for the UAE Government, given the role they play in achieving economic growth objectives and the nation’s ambitions for the upcoming period, where the primary focus will be on empowering national human capital,” MoHRE said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Ministry’s innovative digital and field supervision system identified 1,379 companies attempting to circumvent Emiratisation targets, unlawfully hiring 2,170 UAE citizens during the period from mid-2022 until 16 May 2024. The violating companies were fined, their ratings were downgraded, and some of their files were referred to the Public Prosecution. Financial contributions were also imposed on the violators starting from the date the violation began, and the companies were required to take corrective measures.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation called for reporting any violations to its call centre at 600590000 or via its smart application, saying that “Emiratisation targets were set to enhance Emirati citizens’ participation in the job market and their contribution to the country’s economic development, which makes it an important national goal.”

“We renew our confidence in companies’ ability to fulfil their commitments amidst the country’s rapidly growing economy across all business sectors,” MoHRE added. “UAE nationals’ participation in private-sector jobs has added valuable to the business sector and contributed to the growth of the companies that employ them.”

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