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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Project is launched by MOHRE in co-operation with Dubai Real Estate Institute

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), in co-operation with the Dubai Real Estate Institute, has launched the ‘Emirati Proprietor’ project, which is aimed at spreading awareness among Emirati jobseekers about everything related to the real estate sector and market inside and outside the UAE. The project will enable the Emirati jobseekers to become experts in the real estate sector and will contribute to creating sustainable opportunities for them to lead this sector.

“This academic program is part of a package of qualitative initiatives launched by the MOHRE in co-operation with its partners with the aim of developing the skills of national staff and bolstering their professional capabilities in targeted economic sectors including the real estate sector”, said Ahmad Al Nasser, Assistant Undersecretary for Human Resources Development at MOHRE.

“The program will contribute to qualifying Emirati jobseekers and encouraging them to enter the real estate market as entrepreneurs and practice real estate activities while at home. The Dubai Real Estate Institute will train the Emirati jobseekers to practice real estate activities through intensive courses based on real estate basics and principles in addition to enhancing their tacit knowledge, raising their awareness and encouraging them to practice real estate activities”, he added.

Al Nasser explained that through this academic program, the MOHRE aims at filling the jobs needed by the real estate markets with highly qualified and skilled Emiratis and raising the number of Emiratis real estate brokers. The MOHRE also aims at improving business competitiveness, increasing the number of Emirati qualified staff and experts in various real estate companies of diverse disciplines and providing a base of real estate companies and Emirati brokerage experiences to serve the development of real estate markets, he added.

Last March, the MOHRE signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Real Estate Institute to co-operate in implementing vocational training programs in the real estate sector for Emirati jobseekers. The program is aimed at qualifying 50 male and female Emiratis who meet the required conditions.

Meanwhile, Hend Al Marri, CEO of Dubai Real Estate Institute of Dubai Land Department, said: “We are pleased to co-operate with the MOHRE to achieve many of our significant goals, which include qualifying the Emirati youth, raising the Emiratisation rates in the private sector and spreading awareness among them about all real estate activities with a view to providing them with many job opportunities.”

“The institute organizes many courses throughout the year, many of which are directed exclusively to young Emiratis because we are fully confident that they need to participate in the real estate boom witnessed by the UAE and to take part in its sustainable development and have a firm belief in their abilities to perform many tasks most competently. Such courses help translate the visions of our leadership to support Emiratisation initiatives and create suitable job opportunities for Emiratis in all sectors”, she added.

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