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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation suspend 6 Tadbeer centres from providing domestic labour services

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation suspended 6 “Tadbeer” centres out of 54 centres nationwide from providing all domestic labour services for committing legal and administrative violations until further notice.

The Ministry affirmed it will not be lenient with the “Tadbeer” centres that are not adhering, when it comes to providing services related to domestic service workers, with the executive regulations of the law and the operational guide for these centres. This is driven by the Ministry’s keenness to guarantee the rights of all parties and to provide an excellent service that meets the aspirations and needs of employers and Emirati and resident families through the packages approved and monitored by the Ministry which set unified price ceilings for each package according to the cost of recruitment from the sending country for the domestic worker and the cost of her/his training and rehabilitation.

The decision to prevent the six centres from providing services came after it became evident to the monitoring teams of the ministry that these centres did not adhere to the price ceilings set for the packages through which the centres provide services related to domestic workers.

The decision also came after it was proven, according to complaints submitted by customers to the Ministry that the centres concerned with the replacement of domestic workers or the reimbursement of costs to complainant customers didn’t adhere, as stipulated in the executive regulations of the domestic workers law No. 10 of 2017.

It is noteworthy that the executive regulations provide customers with a guarantee for domestic service workers, by obligating service centres to provide a guarantee to the employer or family on the domestic service worker that they provide, in implementation of the executive regulations of the law, which guarantees to customers a full refund of the costs of recruitment or replacing the worker with another in case the worker breaks the contract or leaves work without a legitimate reason, lack of health fitness, or inability to perform his work tasks as required during the first six months (the probation period), and recovering part of the sums of recruitment costs in the event the worker ends the contract or leaves work without a legitimate reason during the post-probation period until the expiration date of the two-year contract.

The aforementioned amounts are calculated, in months, according to the remaining period of the contract of the total cost of recruitment, according to the following equation: (total recruitment cost ÷ the worker’s contract period in months) x the remaining period of the worker’s contract duration.

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