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Monday, December 18, 2023

MoHRE calls on private sector companies to meet Emiratisation targets for 2023 before 31 December to avoid financial contributions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has called on private sector companies with 50 employees or more to meet Emiratisation targets of 2023 – a 2% growth in the Emiratisation of skilled jobs – before the end of December.

The Ministry issued a statement on Monday, saying companies that “fail to comply with annual Emiratisation targets will be required to pay financial contributions starting from January 2024, in line with Emiratisation policies and decisions.”

“Companies that have yet to meet their commitments can benefit from the Nafis platform, which provides access to a considerable pool of qualified UAE citizens specialised in various sectors, to fill their vacant positions,” MoHRE noted.

The Ministry cautioned companies against any attempts to evade Emiratisation targets or engage in false Emiratisation. “Harmful practices that aim to avoid commitments will be dealt with firmly and according to the law,” the Ministry asserted, while highlighting the “efficiency of its inspection system in detecting such practices.”

MoHRE’s inspection team, from mid-2022 to date, has detected 916 companies that have violated Emiratisation decisions, attempts to circumvent Emiratisation targets, and false Emiratisation posts; these companies have hired a total of 1,411 UAE nationals.

The Ministry applauded over 18,000 companies for their commitment to Emiratisation policies and their contribution to the historic and unprecedented increase in the number of UAE citizens joining the private sector, where the total is now approximately 88,000 Emiratis.

The Ministry highlighted the benefits and privileges granted to companies upon joining the Emiratisation Partners Club, which include up to 80% reduction in MoHRE’s service fees, priority in the government procurement system, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, and access to benefits from the Nafis programme for companies and individuals. These benefits, among others, help meet their business growth requirements and ensure their excellence.

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