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Sunday, December 15, 2019

590 Emiratis find jobs and receive offers to work in energy & petroleum and electricity & gas sectors

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) announced that more than 2,000 job opportunities had been provided under an initiative to accelerate Emiratisation in the energy & oil and electricity & gas sectors that the MOHRE launched recently in co-operation and partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Industry and the companies and establishments operating in the two sectors.

More than 590 Emiratis benefited so far from the job opportunities provided by the initiative, the MOHRE said, adding that some of them already got the job while others received job offers to work for companies and establishments operating in the two afore-mentioned sectors mentioned.

The MOHRE, in co-operation with its partners, will continue to organize recruitment open days at its Tawteen centers all over the UAE. The open days will be announced successively in the MOHRE’s social media accounts with a view to attracting more Emiratis and enabling them to benefit from the job opportunities provided in both sectors.

In a press release, the MOHRE called on Emiratis interested in working in both targeted sectors to take part in the recruitment open days to avail of more job opportunities that meet their aspirations.

The MOHRE’s press release praised the co-operation shown by many companies operating in the energy & oil and electricity & gas sectors and their interaction with the Emiratisation acceleration initiative.

The press release also called on the establishments and companies operating in the two targeted sectors to deal with the Emiratisation file as a strategic choice and a national priority that has the support and follow-up of the wise leadership. This necessitates the efforts of all entities to be combined and their partnership to be developed with the aim of achieving the Emiratisation goals.

The MOHRE affirmed that it would continue to provide support to establishments and companies in all economic sectors including the energy and electricity & gas sectors based on its keenness on shouldering its responsibilities and its role dictated by its strategic partnership with these sectors to achieve the Emiratisation goals.

A meeting held recently at the MOHRE’s office in Dubai discussed the latest developments with respect to implementing the Emiratisation acceleration initiative in the energy and electricity & gas sectors. The meeting was attended by the officials and representatives of a group of the targeted companies.

The meeting talked about the ‘Emiratisation Partners’ Club’, this being a strategic initiative launched by the MOHRE to motivate and encourage the private sector to attract Emiratis, thanks to the many facilities and benefits offered by the club to its member companies and establishments, which would reduce operational costs due to the reduced work permit fees for the club members.

The member companies of the ‘Emiratisation Partners’ Club’ obtain privileges in accordance with the categories of their silver, gold or platinum memberships. These categories are determined in accordance with the Emiratisation percentage in each establishment.

The most collaborative companies in terms of appointing in the energy & oil and electricity & gas sectors include the Abu Dhabi Power Corporation, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority, Federal Electricity and Water Authority, Emirates National Oil Company, ADNOC Technical Academy, Petrofac, United Security Group and Ghantoot Transport and General Contracting Establishment.

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