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Saturday, October 12, 2019

MOHRE issues two smart e-signature cards for owners of private establishments, authorized signatories and representatives

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has recently issued the second generation of the smart e-signature card for owners of private establishments and authorized signatories and the smart card for government relations officers (representatives) registered with the MOHRE.

By launching this project, the MOHRE aims at changing the previous service delivery model into a proactive model based on speed and reliability and introducing a unique model for providing customers with an integrated and exceptional experience by employing fast and efficient modern and innovative technologies.

The e-signature card is an identification card containing an electronic chip in which all the important data and fingerprint of its holder are stored according to the type of card, said Issa Al Zarouni, Director of Labor Offices Department at MOHRE.

The card is used for e-signature and completion of transactions on the MOHRE’s systems through the current multiple service delivery channels such as the MOHRE app, service centers and Tawseel vehicles, he added, noting that this would ensure the security and confidentiality of the information by allowing only authorized people to complete transactions on the MOHRE’s electronic and smart systems.

Al Zarouni explained that the smart cards project is part of the MOHRE’s efforts to boost the UAE’s competitiveness in the Global Smart Service Index. The project provides a unified and reliable channel that enables customers to access what they need easily and efficiently while ensuring the reliability and confidentiality of information for customers and the MOHRE, he said.

Additionally, the card carries the concerned person’s biometrics enabling his identity to be verified using his unique characteristics such as fingerprints etc. This enables only authorized people at the registered establishments to complete transactions on the MOHRE’s systems.

These cards also ensure the governance, confidentiality and security of the cardholder’s information, thanks to the easy process of changing his PIN. Further, the cardholder receives a monthly statement of account listing all his transactions with the MOHRE. As soon as the smart cards are issued, the MOHRE makes sure that the data of all individuals dealing with the MOHRE – be they owners, authorized signatories or government relations representatives - are updated. More than one e-signature cards can be issued for the same establishment.

To avail of the MOHRE’s services, the owner of an establishment or an authorized signatory is not required to visit service or customer happiness centers for fingerprinting. This can be done by submitting applications through the smart card for government relations representatives and completing the required service.

In the event it has no representative, the establishment will apply for a smart e-signature card through TAS’HEEL and TAWJEEH service centers to be able to complete the concerned person’s services without the need for him to come in person. If the concerned person wishes to apply for the service through service and customer happiness centers personally, he can use his e-signature card or alternatively activate his ID card.

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