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Thursday, July 01, 2021

Work permit for golden visa holders in the private sector introduced

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) announced the start of issuing work permits for holders of golden visas, in implementation of a Cabinet Resolution, according to which a “work permit for holders of golden visa” has been introduced.

MOHRE clarified that the said permit is given in three cases. The first case is individuals who were not working at the time of getting the golden visa if they wish to work for an employer. The second case occurs when a current employer wishes to renew the work permit and contract for the holders of the golden visa after the expiry of the work permit. The third case is when a golden visa employee joins a new job with another employer.

MOHRE confirmed that the same procedures followed by the ministry in relation to the issuance of work permits and contracts apply for those who are sponsored by their family if they join work using the work permit for golden visa holders.

The ministry pointed out that work permits and valid contracts concluded between employers and employees with golden residence visas continue to apply, as well as the validity of all applicable legislation in the country, especially the provisions of the Labor Law when they join employers in the private sector.

MOHRE explained that the same prescribed and applicable fees for work permits for those outside the country will apply. Additionally, the same prescribed fees for renewing and amending work permits and contracts will also apply to golden visa holders.

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