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MOHRE has devised a smart guidance kiosk that aims at contributing effectively in raising employees’ awareness level about labour relationships and relevant executive resolutions. This will positively affect the stability of employee–employer relation, especially when both parties become aware of their rights and obligations towards each other. This will happen through several guidance and awareness programs which the MOHRE is keen to implement in line with the strategic plan aiming in all towards establishing a stable labour market and a productive workforce enhancing a citizen-centered competitive knowledge-based economy.

The smart kiosk is fitted with a touch screen and linked to the internet where employees enter or read their identity card details, watch a 20-minute video clip that contains a bunch of information that enriches their awareness about their rights and obligations in their chosen language; the short video has been prepared in eight languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Chinese, Malayalam, Filipino and Vietnamese.

Once the employee is done watching the video, he/she gets a certificate printed through peripheral printers linked to the smart kiosk. Such certificate indicates that the employee has been administered an e-training easily and in the language and culture of his/her preference.