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As the MOHRE is keen on developing a creative and innovative culture among employees in order to crystallize innovative initiatives that contribute in the efforts aiming at transitioning the labour market into a knowledge-based economy, MOHRE has also unveiled the 'future inspection vehicle' that depends on many operational mechanisms of interconnected intelligent systems, the exterior appearance reflects MOHRE's corporate identity, through designs that highlight a futuristic impression as a smart vehicle..

The smart vehicle works according to three systems: smart inspection system, smart inspector system, and a main control room.

The smart inspection system sends all notifications related to the inspection duties of inspectors using the vehicle, and it also comes fitted with a smart screen showing maps for target inspection locations and how to have access to such points.

The smart inspection system helps as well the inspector to organize his/her duties and stay in sync with the main control room (the on-duty officer system) through which the inspector can send inspection reports to his/her line manager.

The inspection system allows its user to update the status of his/her duties from one phase to another until completion, all through special automated counters that facilitates development and enhancement. Inspectors may also communicate with their colleagues and their on-duty officer to discuss any field updates.

As for the main control room (the on-duty officer system), it is a mechanism that enables following up inspection duties from assignment to searchers to completion, so that the on-duty officer may assign inspection tasks to smart vehicles and inspectors, and monitor vehicles’ movement, activity, and real-time progress.

The main control room has direct communication functions with inspectors to educate them on the best international practices in labour inspection, in addition to the smart interfaces and cameras fixed on the inspection vehicles.

The vehicle is also equipped with a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to help the inspector take photos remotely and attach them to their reports.