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The Work Bundle: The bundle aims to streamline the process of employee and business management in private sector establishments in UAE by providing a bundle of integrated services via a platform designed based on unified demand for services.

Service Link

To apply for the Work Bundle and for the latest updates, visit

Offered Services

The Work Bundle focuses on providing a comprehensive electronic platform that combines three main services related to employee and labour management, namely:

  • New Employee Onboarding: This service aims to simplify the process of hiring new employees. Using the platform, employers and companies can submit a request for a work permit for a new employee, along with all the required documents, online. The request is then processed quickly and efficiently by the relevant authorities participating in the platform.
  • Employee Work Permit Renewal: This service allows for proactively renewing work permits for existing employees. Through the platform, employers can easily submit requests to renew work permits for their employees, along with the workers’ updated data, in order to expedite the approval process.
  • Employee Work Permit Cancellation: This service allows employers to cancel work permits for employees who are no longer needed. The process of cancelling work permits is done securely and efficiently through the platform, reducing the time required for this operation.

Furthermore, the Work Bundle project aims to provide an integrated online platform accessible via the internet. Employers, employees, and relevant government entities can login to the platform securely using the national digital identity solution UAE PASS. The platform enhances the experience of employees and management alike, saving time and effort required for personnel management procedures.

In addition to the abovementioned services, the Work Bundle can provide additional features such as automatic alerts for upcoming work permit renewals, a dashboard, and reports and statistics on operations performed through the platform.

Added Value

  • Seamless user experience through a single request system involving relevant entities.<
  • Unified form and payment method shared with relevant entities.
  • Information is requested only once.
  • In-person visits are no longer needed to complete transactions and additional requirements are kept to a minimum.
  • Data exchange among relevant entities through unified linking procedures.
  • Provision of proactive services.
  • Utilisation of government capabilities (GSB, UAE PASS).

Participating Entities

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