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Mid-Day Break

The Mid-Day Break is a pillar of the occupational health and safety framework that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation [MoHRE] implements, with the objective of continually enhancing and promoting a safe work environment and thus ensuring the health and safety of labourers in the UAE. The Mid-Day Break also translates the national legislation that protects the rights of these labourers who actively contribute to the development of the nation. The compliance of various establishments with the Mid-Day Break timings and norms and providing the necessary requirements for labourers during the break is not just a legal matter, but also an ethical and humane one. This compliance embodies the values of compassion and solidarity that are rooted in the UAE's society. The Mid-Day Break, implemented by MoHRE for the 18th consecutive year, has become one of the key human rights practices that distinguish the UAE's labour market - particularly considering the commitment shown by establishments and the community's awareness of the importance of the break and its positive impact on health and safety of labourers in the UAE. Furthermore, we are confident that the establishments will remain committed to the Mid-Day break daily from 12:30pm until 3pm, until September 15, 2022. By: HE. Mohsin Ali Al Nassi Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Inspection Affairs


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