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Job offer and contract forms

The contract is the basis for the contractual employment relationship between the employer and the employee in each of the types of work prescribed by law. In order for this agreement to be transparent, reflect the satisfaction of both parties and be binding on them, the ministerial resolution on permits and job offer and contract forms confirms that the contract between the employer and these forms are regulated on the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and operate according to the general rules and regulations. A job offer is the first step in establishing an employment relationship, where the employee, whether seeking to be hired from outside or inside the country, receives this offer from the employer, which contains the descriptions and conditions of both parties. If the employee accepts the offer he/she receives, the employer must use the approved contract form that corresponds to the job offer when applying for the issuance of the work permit. It is permissible to provide the employee with more benefits in the contract than those specified in the job offer and to add appendixes to the contract that do not conflict with the provisions of the Decree Law and its implementing regulations. Under this mechanism, the employer and the employee are aware of and agree to their mutual rights and obligations at all stages, whether before, during or at the end of the contractual relationship. This mechanism (conformity of offers and contracts) also helps prevent fake offers, but this requires the awareness of the recipients of offers of the need to ascertain their validity, especially that the offers are made through forms approved by the MOHER, which are available for further verification through various channels (Call Center 600590000) (or through the Ministry's website or Smart App). HE. Aisha Mohamed Belharfia Assistant Undersecretary For Labour Affairs Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation


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