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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Labour Market

No doubt, technological development including artificial intelligence will have a great impact on the labour market. Such technologies will affect job vacancies and make remarkable changes in economic activities, future jobs, and job titles, in addition to developing advanced tools that help people finalise their professional tasks in a better way to improve the quality of life.


These strategic transformations, resulting from the fourth industrial revolution, were addressed by the UAE at an early stage, through implementing strategic plans in the short, medium, and long-term, with the aim to achieve the welfare of the whole community. Investing in artificial intelligence is now a strategic option in services, vital sectors, and infrastructure in the UAE, which is empowered enough to deal with future challenges and labour market transformations. To tackle such challenges, the Emirates is setting clear visions comprising strategic pillars like developing human skills, enhancing productivity, and creating an innovative work environment.


Despite the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence mechanism and the abundance of cutting-edge simulation programs, humans still have authentic and unique capabilities like innovation, imagination, and creativity. Human intelligence integration with artificial intelligence is meant to make a tremendous change in communities.


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