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Partnership with private sector is key for boosting labour market competitiveness

Concerted efforts are undertaken by the UAE Government to attract companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and talent from around the world and across a range of strategic and vital sectors. These efforts ultimately serve to boost the competitiveness of the labour market, empowering the private sector to make greater contributions towards the national GDP, and further cementing the UAE's role as a pioneering and attractive economic centre on the world stage. We have also seen tremendous success with Emiratisation, with impressive scores registered across all indicators, as the number of UAE citizens working in the private sector exceeded 68,000 at more than 16,000 companies by the end of May. And when we discuss the progress made on the Emiratisation front, we are, in fact, talking about the fruits of an exceptional public-private partnership. This partnership brings various benefits for the private sector as companies get notable benefits when they hire UAE citizens, including an up to 80% discount on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation's service fees. Our faith in this partnership encourages us to keep developing it, to expand and advance the role that Emirati talent plays in the private sector, where impressive performance is being reported across various non-oil activities, such as tourism, hospitality, real estate, transportation, and manufacturing. This makes the sector increasingly attractive for national talent, as Emirati professionals continue to prove their ability, placing themselves on par with their international peers across a wide range of sectors. Blog by HE Aisha Belharfia, Acting Undersecretary for Emiratisation Affairs and Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs


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