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Ministry initiatives and projects


The ministry has launched several initiatives aimed at supporting the Emiratisation of jobs in the UAE and benefiting from the energies and capabilities of national cadres. These initiatives include:

Communication and International Relations

The ministry's relationship with international organizations is governed by how it can properly serve its strategic objectives of improving the efficiency of the labor market and enhancing labor protection. Hence, the ministry developed the executive plan for international bilateral relations,  the policy of recommendations in attending international meetings, the policy of responding to international organizations' complaints against the UAE and the guide to dealing with international organizations.

The ministry is keen on playing an influential role in labor-related international organizations such as the United Nations, International Labor Organization (ILO), Arab Labor Organization, Organization of Islamic Co-operation, International Organization for Migration and Global Forum on Migration and Development. It also seeks to strengthen its relationship with these organizations through hosting conferences and meetings, providing financial support and supporting the proposed programs.

As part of the ministry's tasks, a number of programs were developed in co-operation with the ILO such as the occupational health and safety, labor inspection and development of labor dispute resolution and labor market information system.

The ministry also became an active member of the Global Forum on Development and Migration as well as its facilitation committee and the technical co-operation programs carried out by the UAE in partnership with the labor exporting countries under Abu Dhabi Dialogue.

Studies were conducted with the World Bank and partners to identify labor market challenges and explore the internal reforms required for the market, particularly those related to labor relations with a view to organizing pioneering labor relations that take into account the actual status and requirements of the UAE labor market. The ministry and its international partners worked on two themes: reviewing and updating labor market policies and seeking corporate development to enable policy enforcement. This resulted in:

  • Setting up a sector for communication and international relations to oversee the workers' contract life cycle.
  • Developing protocols for an Emirati platform for labor market relations at the Arab and international levels.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is an instrumental means for prosperity and growth nowadays. The UAE has made great strides in this broad field in all its institutions and governments. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has been innovative in offering its services in diverse ways to ensure the best customer experience. It has kept pace with the current era of development and digitisation by transforming a number of its services to facilitate the delivery of services through the latest methods such as applications and electronic platforms

  1. Digital TransformationDigital Transformation
    Virtual Reality (VR)
    MOHRE application for entrepreneurship in virtual reality: The application is one of the innovative systems developed...
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  2. Digital TransformationDigital Transformation
    Digitising Services
    Digital transformation is an instrumental means for prosperity and growth nowadays. The UAE has made great strides in...
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  3. Human ResourcesHuman Resources
    Efficient use of resources and assets
    The ministry carried out outsourcing operations for the services provided through its strategic partners. This helped...
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  4. Communication and International RelationsCommunication and International Relations
    International initiatives
    The ministry led a number of international initiatives in partnership with the ILO. These included recognizing that...
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  5. Communication and International RelationsCommunication and International Relations
    International partnerships
    To diversify the labor market and increase the efficiency of its production, the ministry promoted partnerships between...
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  6. Communication and International RelationsCommunication and International Relations
    Memorandums of understanding and international agreements
    Taking part in regulating labor relations at the international level, the ministry developed policies for recruiting...
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  7. Human ResourcesHuman Resources
    Providing domestic workers services to customers
    Demonstrating its pioneering model of providing services in partnership between both the government and private...
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  8. Human ResourcesHuman Resources
    Awareness and guidance
    The ministry adopted an innovative approach in providing awareness and guidance services for the rights and duties of...
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