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Industry, Innovation and Infastructure

  1. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has connected with 52 government entities electronically to serve you better. We, alongside our partners, aim to provide you with top-notch services and achieve the vision of our government.
  2. The electronic link between MOHRE and the Federal Authority for Identify, Citizenship, Customs, & Port Security eases obtaining the basic information of the individual - identity number, unified number, or file number, to verify the validity of their personal information. The link also enhances coordination between the two entities regarding processes of establishment and employees.
  3. MOHRE provides the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) with the work permit data of UAE nationals. GPSSA, in turn, contacts the companies that have not registered their Emirati employees to the pension scheme.
  4. The electronic link between MOHRE and Al Etihad Credit Bureu helps obtaining the credit assessment of establishments registered with the Ministry and provides data on establishments, employees and wage protection to Al Etihad Credit Burae.
  5. Within the framework of MoHRE’s partnership with service centers that are managed by the private sector, the Ministry is keen to provide systems that support the operations of these centers and set standards to provide the finest services to customers, whether they are employers, employees in the private sector, or families hiring domestic helpers or domestic helpers themselves, as well as Senior Citizens and People of Determination (people with disabilities)
  6. Digital transformation is an instrumental means for prosperity and growth nowadays. The UAE has made great strides in this broad field in all its institutions and governments. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has been innovative in offering its services in diverse ways to ensure the best customer experience. It has kept pace with the current era of development and digitisation by transforming a number of its services to facilitate the delivery of services through the latest methods such as applications and electronic platforms.
  7. Dashboard for the smart application for employers and workers: the user can view all the information related to the employer such as establishments, domestic workers, statistics, and reports, and view the worker’s data, contact data, and wages protection service data
    • Electronic signature through the application: the worker or business owner can sign and end transactions through the application without the need to visit service centres.
    • Displaying the interactive wage protection indicator in the application: the employer can view the wage protection data for all the months available to the worker or the establishment with all the details of paid, deducted, and others.
    • The widget for MOHRR application to inquire about transactions.
    • Sending contract data to the worker and the possibility of remote approval: The contract data is displayed to the worker through the application. Remote signing and approval is possible without the need to visit service centres.
    • Linking the Uber, Careem, and Google Maps system to the application: the user can click on the establishment address on the establishment data screen and choose from 3 available options to go to the establishment via Uber, Careem, or Google Maps.
    • Booking a ticket for the queue system for centres from the application: The ability to book a ticket for service centres through the application and go at the expected time to the service centre to avoid crowding and long waiting periods.
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