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Gender Equality

  1. MOHRE Contributes to increasing women's participation in the Private Sector in line with the UAE’s directives aimed at fulfilling the sustainable development goals.
  2. MOHRE Encourages Emirati youth, male and female, to join the private sector and provides them with equal opportunities for both genders
  3. Launches training programmes and workshops and provides accessibility to knowledge for both genders equally.
  4. The UAE has put in place laws and regulations which protect the rights of the workers, business owners and all customers, regardless of their gender.
  5. There are special provisions for working women. Articles 27 to 34 of the law provide that
    • May not be employed between 10 pm and 7 am with exceptions in administrative, technical and health services
    • May not be employed in hazardous or strenuous or physically challenging jobs
    • Are entitled to the same wage that a man would earn for the same job
    • Are entitled to maternity benefits.
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