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Quality Education

  1. The ministry adopted an innovative approach in providing awareness and guidance services for the rights and duties of domestic workers. This included nationwide comprehensive awareness campaigns for domestic workers in co-operation with the ministry's partners such as the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments in addition to awareness seminars and a Friday sermon in Dubai. The ministry also carried out awareness workshops in collaboration with the General Women's Union, GITEX Technology Week, shopping malls, co-operative societies, Customer Happiness Centers and Businessmen Services Centers.
  2. The ministry provides guidance services to employees, employers and domestic workers. It designed awareness programs in partnership with the local authorities during 2016/2017 and carried out a series of educational visits to construction sites and labor camps and implemented a number of awareness programs for new workers and employers at 16.5 per cent of new employers and 7.26 per cent of new workers. Additionally, it translated the related guide into several international languages.
  3. The Mid-Day Break, which was implemented by MOHRE for the 18th year in a row, involves a series of controls, procedures, awareness programs and events, organized in cooperation with partners from the private sector, to achieve the objectives of the decision.
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