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Partnerships for the Goals

  1. The Ministry has worked to establish, build and manage long-term partnerships with federal and local government entities and the private sector to ensure complementarity of roles at the national level and to enhance the reputation of the UAE at the regional and international levels in response to government directions in partnership and integration of roles and responsibilities.
  2. The Ministry reviewed the areas of partnership management and evaluation development of its overall framework for managing the relationship with partners to invest in the resources and capacities of stakeholders to achieve performance integration and lead results.
  3. It has also adopted the principles of governance structure, operational structure, changes in working methods, common issues resolution process and performance measures, and has defined its activities and processes related to its partnerships with all relevant parties, including: responsibilities and roles, direct impact of cooperation on parties' actions and impact on the sustainability of cooperative business partners in external relations.
  4. The Ministry developed a mechanism to assess mutual cooperation objectives to ensure efficiency of partnerships.
  5. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has connected with 52 government entities electronically to serve you better. We, alongside our partners, aim to provide you with top-notch services and achieve the vision of our government.
  6. MoHRE has contributed to the UAE’s overall efforts in preserving human dignity, protecting human rights, and enhancing the quality of work environment. And in implementation of the UAE’s vision and objectives, the Ministry is keen to actively participate in international and regional events, develop partnerships and cooperate with relevant international and regional organisations.
  7. The partnership of the MoHRE with the media outlets aims to highlight and introduce its services and raise awareness of the labour market regulations. The Ministry believes in the role of media in conveying the messages that benefit the public.
  8. MoHRE is keen to continuously develop its partnership with employers in the country represented by chambers of industry and commerce. the Ministry consults with these authorities regarding strategic policies for the labour market, as well as cooperating in educating employers in the UAE about relevant legislation by organising joint events, as an example.
  9. MoHRE’s partnership with associations of public interest and non-governmental institutions aims to build a bridge of communication with the community to spread and strengthen the culture of tolerance, community cohesion and acceptance of the other, also strengthening the spirit of one family, especially through cooperation in the implementation of community initiatives
  10. MoHRE’s partnership with the private sector is strategic, as the Ministry applies a package of legislation and initiatives that support the stability of the labour market and enhance its attractiveness to attract global and national talents and expertise, as well as enhance and support the business environment and attract investors.
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