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Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  1. proposing federal laws that regulate business and labour affairs and controlling implementation of such proposals, and making them accessable to the public through the website in Arabic and English, and offering detailed information about them in the form of "Frequently Asked Questions".
  2. To provide full protection for the wages of more than 5 million workers in the UAE, the ministry launched the second phase of the Wage Protection System, the first of its kind in the world when it was launched to ensure the calculation of overtime and leave days during the year.
  3. To ensure effective enforcement of laws related to the wage protection system, the ministry allocated a channel to receive customers’ complaints and follow up the issues related to salary complaints through its ‘Salary Complaint’ smart system. The ministry also allocated an effective channel for group complaints where it interacts with these complaints and tries to solve them. In addition, the ministry enables complainants to track their complaints through the system and make sure they had been completed and dealt with. The ministry’s procedures reflected positively as seen in the rising number of workers receiving their pay through the Wage Protection System.
  4.  MOHRE adopts the Open Data Policy, which make it easy & accessible to others. It also opened a channel for the customers to request data.
  5. The Ministry offers 14 communication channels for its customers
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