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The UAE has adopted a voluntary scheme (Savings Scheme) through which end-of-service benefits of employees are invested in well-proven investment funds with good record. The Scheme aims to provide investment returns to employees on their end-of-service benefits
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Funds licensed to operate this scheme
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Workers subscribed in Saving Scheme
of workers are registered in the Wage Protection System (WPS)
is the number of professions in domestic worker sector mandated to be registered in Wage Protection System
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More than 430,000
inspection visits during 2023

more than 95%
of companies are compliant with providing UAE nationals with real job opportunities
1,077 companies
hired UAE nationals in fake jobs, violating nationalization laws
UAE Nationals were hired in fake Emiratisation posts

Companies warned and notified on compliance with work and health and occupational safety
Violations on unlicensed recruitment activity

Violations to work and health and occupational safety standards
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Number of violations in 2023

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Number of human trafficking and forced labour violations in 2023
More than 75,000 fines
Were imposed on private sector companies during 2023 due to violations of the labour laws
4 offices
Recruitment/domestic worker recruitment agencies with revoked licenses due to violations
Around 1,200
cases of providing false documents or data to the Ministry to obtain a service
cases of labour accommodation failing to comply with standards

cases were flagged for non-compliance with the midday work ban during 2023, which prohibits having workers perform their duties around noon under direct sunlight and in open spaces from 15 June to 15 September
cases were reported during 2023 for failing to report work injuries, occupational diseases, or death of a worker to the Ministry

cases of unlawfully passing on recruitment expenses to workers during 2023