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Social Protection and Well-Being Assurance

Structured legislation and policies promoting a flourishing Labour market environment and ensuring worker welfare

Subscribers of Unemployment Insurance Scheme
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Of companies are compliant with Heat Stress policy, which aims to protect workers from heat exhaustion. This is an initiative adopted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to ban work performed under direct sunlight and in open areas during the summer months to protect the health and safety of workers
Protected under Workers Protection Program
more than 26k
is the total Number of Workers that benefitted from the Worker Protection Program over the last 5 years, for claims related to unpaid wages, unpaid end of service, and other worker entitlements

an average of AED 8k
is paid to each worker, reaching up to AED 20k

more than AED 232 millions
is the total amount paid to workers against their claims over the last 5 years

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