Labour Market Observatory

Progressive Workforce Interaction Channels

Streamlined pathways for employers and employees that elevate customer satisfaction

Effective Complaints System
On Average
3 complaints Registered Per 100 Workers
in the UAE Labour Market
Amicably Resolved
Referred to Judiciary
of complaints were registered anonymously (from January to December 2023)
Registered Worker Complaints Per Channel
Large-Scale delivery of Awareness Training
Tawjeeh is an orientation program which is provided to the entirety of the workforce in the UAE. It covers awareness on the Labour laws and regulations in the UAE, including worker rights and responsibilities, and general information on life in the UAE and cultural considerations
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Workers in the UAE have completed their Tawjeeh Orientation Program to date
Dedicated Centers that provide Tawjeeh Orientation Program
Workers in the UAE have completed their Tawjeeh Orientation Program in 2023 alone
More than 500k
Workers completed their tawjeeh programs by themselves (self-training) in 2023
is the total number of languages tawjeeh programs are available in
Channels of Communication
Toll Free Legal Consultation Hotline for Labour claims and advisory
Provided services are in
Languages We speak
On Average
3 Days
is the time it takes to resolve customer help request tickets
A range of Communication Channels